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Grizzly gets some grit

The 2011 Grizzly 450 4×4
with electric power steering packs Yamaha’s top utility ATV features into a
mid-level machine. The 450 has many of the same features as big brothers
Grizzly 550 and 700.

Here’s a breakdown of its top features.

1. Power. This machine is
powered by a 421-cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC four-stroke engine for plenty of
torque. The ATV breathes from a 33-mm BSR carburetor, and a durable stainless
steel exhaust enhances power delivery while keeping engine noise to a minimum.

2. Electric Power Steering. The electric power steering (EPS) lightens steering, making it easy to maneuver
through all types of terrain.

3. Transmission. The
Ultramatic automatic transmission system provides smooth power and
better-than-average engine braking. The automatic centrifugal clutch, a key
feature, maintains constant belt tension so belt wear is reduced. A sprag
clutch allows all-wheel downhill engine braking in four-wheel-drive mode.
Automatic gear options are high range, low range, reverse, neutral, and park.

4. On-Command. Its
three-position on-command in/out four-wheel-drive feature lets you switch
between two-wheel drive, limited slip four-wheel drive, and a fully locked
differential four-wheel drive – all with the push of a button. The override
button allows the engine to make maximum rpm in full differential lock mode.

5. Frame. The 2011 model
features a one-piece frame with increased strength and reduced weight along
with a new rear anti-sway bar. Even with the addition of EPS, the new frame
helps bring down the overall weight of the vehicle by nearly 10 pounds.

6. Comfortable Ride. The
Grizzly 450’s plush seat design, full-size floorboards, and oversize fenders
make for a comfortable ride. Steel racks featuring a Duragrip finish allow for
more than 250 pounds combined cargo capacity (88 pounds in front and 176 pounds
in back), and a towing capacity of 1,322 pounds.

7. Suspension. The fully
independent long-travel four-wheel suspension features double-wishbone
suspension on the front and rear.

8. Wheels. The steel blue
model includes cast aluminum wheels.

9. Undercarriage. Ground
clearance of 10.8 inches and a high-impact plastic skid plate provide
all-terrain ability and undercarriage protection.

10. Panel. The digital
instrument panel features a multifunction LCD display with speedometer,
odometer, dual trip meter, hour meter, 4WD status, transmission position, and

11. Brakes. When you need to
slow down, Grizzly’s front and rear brake controls are linked to disc brakes at
all four wheels. The only manufacturer to offer four-wheel disc brakes on a
utility ATV, the rugged, low-maintenance discs provide fade-free braking even
in extreme conditions.

Models will be available in
hunter green ($7,499), steel blue ($7,799), and Realtree AP HD camouflage
($7,849). A non-EPS model is also offered.

To learn more about this
vehicle or other products offered by Yamaha Motor Sports, visit them on the Web

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