How do you use your ATV?

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    Farmers and ranchers use ATVs and UVs in myriad ways. These small mechanical workhorses can tackle just about any task from scouting crops to chasing coyotes. Here are 3 ATV ideas from the All Around the Farm archives that you can put to use today. 

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    Auger-Moving ATV

    Shae Schneder of Ohio uses his farm's ATV to push out the auger's swingout and pull it back out from under their semitrailers. They made a tow bar from 2 seed corn signposts. The posts have holes running the entire length, which make it adjustable. This saves back strain.

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    Angled Blade Ends

    Kansas farmer Wayne Hopkins designed angled ends for his blade. They’re easy to put on and take off, too. He can use the blade with only one end angled at a time since they angle individually. Straighten or angle each end just by removing clips. He uses it to push snow and manure, and to level our gravel lane.

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    Saw while seated

    Nebraska farmer Edward Heggemeyer used an 18-hp. gas motor that runs a hydraulic pump to power an orbit motor. The 16-inch blade is fastened to a hydraulic cylinder that pushes it out & away from the ATV. Another cylinder lifts the blade up & down. This saw works best for cutting 3-foot trees or smaller.

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