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Bearing the load

Tires that carry ag equipment have a heavy load to bear. Whether it's traveling across a field or down the road, these round wonders have to handle a variety of conditions. Their challenges may vary — withstanding stalks that can cut them to the core, for example, or having the ability to power through even the wettest of field conditions. But the bottom line is you need a tire that has the versatility to tackle whatever chores you put in front of it.

Recent introductions from Alliance Tire Group and Goodyear Farm Tires offer new choices that provide enhanced flotation in wet field conditions as well as an all-steel flotation radial with certification for use at 50 mph.

Alliance 390

The all-steel radial flotation tire from Alliance Tire — the Alliance 390 all-steel agritransport flotation radial (pictured) — is the first flotation radial to receive U.S. Department of Transportation certification for highway use at 50 mph.

According to Michael Aguon, product manager for Alliance Tire Americas, it's also the first all-steel flotation radial in the industry and the first to carry nearly 11,000 pounds of load at 50 mph.

“The new, all-steel 390 provides performance, speed, and versatility that will allow you to lower your operating costs and improve your productivity,” says Aguon. “This is a world-class innovation and the next generation of flotation tire.”

Aguon says the steel belts in the 390 deliver exceptional resistance to cuts and punctures and ensure a broad, flat footprint for improved traction and flotation. A rugged tread compound improves wear resistance to maximize service life and return on investment. The 390 tire is available in the 600/50R22.5 size, which is used on manure tanks and wagons, grain carts, and ag trucks. Other sizes are in development.

For pricing information or to find a dealer in your area, visit

Goodyear DT 930

No matter how wet the conditions, the DT 930TM 1100/45R46 radial tire is designed with a low sidewall aspect ratio for stability to move equipment through the field.

“The DT 930 tires proved themselves last fall in the wet fields of Illinois,” says Jeff Vasichek, vice president of sales and marketing for Titan Tire Corporation. “The wide, deep lugs on the DT 930 provide excellent flotation, enabling you to harvest crops and power through muddy fields that narrower dualed tires could not.”

This tire provides high torque transmission and reduces compaction in the field, while its low sidewall design provides stability on side slopes. Standing at 85 inches tall and almost 4 feet wide, it is also designed to reduce vehicle bounce, loping, and power hop. When the DT 930 tire is mounted to a large 46-inch Titan wheel, tire-to-rim slippage is minimized.

This tire has been approved for use on AGCO's Challenger brand tractors. Realize maximum flotation when dualed on four-wheel-drive and mechanical front-wheel-drive tractors. DT 930 tires with appropriate size wheels can be used in place of narrower dual rear tractor tires.

The DT 390 tire retails for around $2,068. To learn more or to find a dealer in your area, visit

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