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Seeing stubble damage

  • Stubble Damage Front View

    Stubble Damage Front View 

    With tractor tires farmers may notice a pecking phenomenon, where the stalk pecks at the tire and pieces of the tire come loose. This pecking is similar to taking a pocket knife and chipping away at a piece of wood; that’s the same thing stubble does to a tractor tire.

  • Stubble Damage Lug Close Up

    Stubble Damage Lug Close Up

    While this may not seem serious, the repetition of the pecking action can lead to gouging of the tire in the tire deck, which is the space between the tire lugs, and in some cases across the leading edge of the tire lug.

  • Stubble Damage Side View

    Stubble Damage Side View 

    Technically, a tire is considered unusable if the pecking effect has exposed the cored of the tire to the point it will not hold air and is unserviceable.

Know tire stubble damage when you see it.

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