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Trailer combines solid construction, low price point


Featherlite's construction of Model 8117 allows all the components
to be manufactured into a unibody design, making the trailer stronger.

When it comes to hauling livestock, you want a trailer that has features and options best suited for your operation. But as a first-time buyer or infrequent hauler, how do you get a quality trailer without spending a small fortune? With the introduction of its new Model 8117 gooseneck livestock trailer, Featherlite may have just the trailer you're looking for.

"The 8117 is Featherlite's most economically priced gooseneck livestock trailer due, in part, to its standard wood floor. It's comparably priced to steel trailers or steel trailers wrapped in aluminum skin, yet you can enjoy the benefits of aluminum construction," says Randy Lewis, Featherlite national sales manager.

From its aluminum alloy walls to its one-piece roof, this trailer has the same high standards as other Featherlite models. Designed after their popular Model 8127, the 8117 comes standard with a treated wood floor and 3-inch crossmembers on 18-inch centers to support heavy loads. It features a heavy-duty center gate with slam latch, full-swing rear gate with lockable slider, and curbside unload door for ease in-loading.

The company uses the pierce-and-roll technique on the roof rivets. This system drives high-strength rivets into the aluminum, but no hole fully pierces the roof's skin. Instead, a secure, water-resistant crown forms up and around the bottom of every rivet, which drastically reduces the chance of water leakage.

"It also comes with an eight-year limited structural transferable warranty, which adds even more value to the trailer," says Lewis.

Model 8117 is available in 16- and 20-foot lengths and is 6 feet, 7 inches wide.

While there are many features that may appeal to you, the company says the most attractive one may be its price, which starts at $12,517.

"Today's economy means more people are looking for lower-priced hauling options, especially if they aren't heavy trailer users. Model 8117 is a way to give farmers a quality hauling option at a lower price," says Lewis.

Why Aluminum?

  • It's Lighter And Easier To Tow. Trailers made from aluminum are lighter and easier to tow and allow for more payload capacity. A lighter trailer can save wear and tear on the tow vehicle and increase fuel efficiency.

  • It Withstands Corrosion. Aluminum trailers withstand corrosion better than steel trailers.

  • It Holds Value. With routine care, aluminum trailers typically hold their value much better than steel trailers.

  • Make Sure It's All Aluminum. If you opt to go with an aluminum trailer, make sure that's what you're getting. A number of companies make aluminum trailers constructed of aluminum sheeting over a heavy steel frame, which will rust if exposed to the elements. Even if the steel is painted or coated, rocks, debris, and the constant flex of the trailer as it travels can peel or chip the coating, which allows moisture to corrode the exposed steel.

To learn more, contact Featherlite at 800/800-1230 or visit them on the Web at

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