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Air filter payback

Are you looking for a way to
save money and to go green? A new product called the Air Filter Blaster
promises to help you do that and much more.

“The Air Filter Blaster
leverages patented technology in order to create a win-win situation for the
customer and the environment,” says Tony McDonald, Salmon River Innovations.
“Rather than damaging your air filter by banging it on the ground or holding an
air nozzle a quarter inch away from the filter, which can tear it, the Air
Filter Blaster provides adequate airflow throughout the air filter via a
centrifugal forced-air induction chamber positioned inside an air filter to
allow dirt and dust to dislodge thoroughly and safely from the air filter
during the cleaning process.”

This technology allows the
air filter to be cleaned several times over, which the company claims enables
users to get 20 times the life out of their original filters. The best part
about the system is it doesn’t require any expensive add-ons or external
devices. It only requires a simple source of compressed air. 

McDonald points out that the
benefits of the device can be realized after the first use.

“Once you’ve cleaned your
air filter, your fuel efficiency will increase, your engine performance will
improve, and there will be a significant decrease in air filter replacement
costs, which directly leads to a decrease of air filters being taken to the
landfills,” he says. “It’s an easy way to go green!”

The chart below outlines a
field trial that was conducted on a Caterpillar 725 Rock Truck. In total, six
vehicles were tested over a 90-day period. The results reveal an annual savings
of over $10,000 per vehicle can be realized using the Air Filter Blaster


The device is available in
two offerings and is compatible with nearly all air canister filter sizes. The
portable model is designed to be taken directly into the field or on the road
so you can clean filters on location. A unit like the one pictured above sells
for $349. The stationary model provides a double-cleaning action that disperses
dirt particles from the filter, while the vacuum provides suction so dirt is
drawn out at the same time. This enclosed dust-collection unit is specifically
designed for the shop and sells for $499.

“The Air Filter Blaster is a
revolutionary technology that can create a one-day payback to the customer
while reducing the amount of nonrecyclable products sent to landfills,” says

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