Much needed service truck

  • An absolute necessity

    “When you break down out here, you're often a long way from home and even farther from a town,” explains A.J. Stoeser of Hayes, South Dakota. “A service truck is more than a convenience out here. It's an absolute necessity.”

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  • The Stoeser family

    The Stoeser family clan (from left) includes Whitney (Jim’s daughter), Jim holding grandson Aidan (A.J.’s son); A.J.; Amanda (A.J.’s wife) holding son Tucker; Tyler holding his son Tate; Rod (Tyler’s father) holding grandson Hudson (Tyler’s son).

  • Custom-made

    Almost every square inch of the custom-made service body's inner cavities is utilized. For example, the family built a heavy-duty drawer that slides under the bed below the tailgate. When pulled out, the drawer reveals a wealth of fasteners, with bolts of various sizes. Other compartments house similar collections of parts selected to service common breakdowns or maintenance requirements for a season.

  • Sleeper

    The cab's sleeper was kept to haul people to the field and to provide a ready library of service manuals for all field equipment. “We can eat lunch in there if it's cold, or the kids can play in the sleeper when they are in the field visiting,” A.J. says.

  • Reels

    Any supply or tool needing a hose or cord is paired up with a reel located on the driver's side of the truck. The compartment under the fuel tank holds reels not only for diesel fuel (whose reel is equipped with an electric rewind motor) but also units for engine and hydraulic oil and grease.

  • More reels

    The compartment above the truck's rear axle holds reels for air hoses, the oxygen-acetylene torch hoses, electrical extension cords, and heavy-duty homemade welding cables. “The reels are one of the things I really appreciate and was glad we invested in,” A.J. says. “We can grab a reel and get right to work. And when we're done, there's no tangle of cords or hoses to roll up.”

The Stoeser family's stretched-out semi earns them top honors.

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