The All-New Yamaha Viking

  • The Viking

    The Viking
    This week Yamaha is rolling out the all-new Viking, which will be replacing the Yamaha Rhino. The Viking was engineered as a robust and high-capacity utility vehicle for a fun, confidence-inspiring experience in an agricultural, hunting, or recreational setting.

  • Three-Passenger Machine

    Three-Passenger Machine
    One of the most noticeable differences between the Rhino and the Viking is the seat configuration. The Viking has three individual bucket seats with headrests and seatbelts. To give passengers more room in a tight space, the middle seat is reclined slightly and the headrest is set back.

  • High-Performance Engine

    High-Performance Engine
    The Viking is equipped with Yamaha’s most powerful 686-cc., liquid-cooled, fuel injected power plant. A four-valve head with 10.0:1 compression delivers optimum torque for varying workloads and up to a 30% gain in fuel efficiency.

  • Ultramatic Transmission

    Ultramatic Transmission
    The Viking features an Ultramatic transmission with dual-range (hi-lo) drive and reverse. An automatic centrifugal clutch maintains constant belt tension for reduced belt wear. Three-position On-Command four-wheel drive lets you dial between two-wheel drive, limited-slip four-wheel drive, and fully locked differential four-wheel drive.

  • Smooth Ride

    Smooth Ride
    Electric power steering is available for improved handling regardless of the terrain. An independent double wishbone suspension gives the Viking 8.1 inches of front and rear travel. The rear suspension system is shown on the left. Total ground clearance for the Viking is 11.8 inches.

  • Cargo Capacity

    Cargo Capacity
    The rear steel cargo bed was built for durability and convenience. Large enough to carry a fully loaded pallet, the assisted dump bed can pack up to 600 pounds of equipment while the standard two-inch receiver hitch is rated to pull 1,500 pounds.

  • Wider Base

    Wider Base
    As you can see in the picture on the left, Yamaha increased the width of the Viking to help minimize row crop damage.

  • Improved Air Intake System

    Improved Air Intake System
    The Viking features a large-capacity air intake system that improves overall engine performance. The air cleaner box is accessible from inside the cab for easier maintenance.

  • Accessories

    A sun top, soft doors, folding windshield, windshield seal, and rear window are available to fully enclose the cab.

  • Availability


    The Viking will be available in August 2013. Prices range from $11,499 to $12,499.

Yamaha introduces a new multi-purpose utility vehicle.

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