Bobcat 3400

  • opening

    In the fall of 2013, the Successful Farming team took eight of the newest UTVs to Little Goose Ranch in Big Horn, Wyoming. The machines were put through their paces in our Ultimate UTV Evaluation. On the left, David Ekstrom takes the Bobcat 3400 out on the trails.

  • nets

    UTVs have the option of doors, nets, or a combination of doors and nets. There are advantages to both systems, but mainly it comes down to operator preference. The Bobcat 3400 uses nets.

  • seats

    The Bobcat seats three people and the machine we tested had bucket seats. Bench seats are available as an option, which makes it a little easier to slide through the machine.

  • bed

    The Bobcat 3400 hauls a whopping 1,100 pounds and can tow up to 1,500 pounds. Our evaluators commented frequently on the workhorse spirit of this UTV. “This could be a best buy, considering it is a diesel and a well-built, well-equipped machine,” says Dave Mowitz, Successful Farming magazine’s executive editor of machinery and technology.

  • suspension

    The Bobcat uses a Macpherson strut in the front suspension system and adjustable dual a-arms in the rear.

  • speedometer

    A shot of the Bobcat’s speedometer.

  • storage

    The glove compartment is one available storage area on the Bobcat 3400.

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One of eight machines tested at the Ultimate UTV Evaluation.

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