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Bobcat UTVs enter a new era

The third generation of
Bobcat utility vehicles features four models, and its design is a direct result
of the strategic alliance between Bobcat and Polaris.

Every aspect of the new
utility vehicles has been designed to help farmers get more work done in less
time. Increased power, speed, payload capacity, and uptime are all key features
built into the new models.

Four New Models


The line launched with four
new models: 3200, 3400, 3400XL, and 3450. You’ll notice several improvements
over previous machines.

Performance and productivity
are two of the direct results of the improvements made on these models. These
enhancements deliver more responsive acceleration, better payload capacities,
and increased horsepower and top speeds. The electronic fuel-injected gas 4×4
models also start easier and run more reliably in higher altitudes.

Give the credit for
increased payloads, acceleration, and top speeds to the new horsepower ratings,
which range from 24.8 hp. to 32 hp. in the gas and diesel engines.

On the 4×4 models, you
simply flip a switch to select from one-wheel (Turf Mode), two-wheel, or
four-wheel drive to best match driving conditions. Once the front wheels are
engaged in 4×4 mode, all four wheels receive torque for maximum traction.

The four-wheel independent
suspension lets you ride in comfort and improves the vehicle’s agility over
rough terrain. Other features making for a more comfortable ride include lower
sound levels, two-passenger bucket seats, and a dealer-installed cab and heat.

To keep your machine up and
running, these UTVs include a sealed continuously variable transmission guard,
full skid plate, front and rear constant-velocity CV boot shields, and a
radiator guard.

The liquid-cooled engines
protect critical engine components from overheating, which means more power and
performance from the machines because components stay cooler at higher engine

With up to five
front-mounted attachments available for the 3450, this machine is transformed
into a year-round workhorse.

Whether you plan to use a
utility vehicle for work or play (or both), any of these new Bobcat models
could make a great addition to your operation.

For pricing information or
to learn more, contact a Bobcat dealer or visit

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