Classing up Your RTV

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    Kubota Tractor Corporation recently added to their lineup of utility vehicles. “We’ve raised the bar on styling, ergonomics, comfort, and storage without giving up durability and ruggedness,” says Kubota RTV product manager Dan Muramoto.

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    The base-model RTV-X900 has Kubota’s three-cylinder diesel engine and a variable hydraulic transmission. The steel dump box can carry over a half-ton cargo, and the machine can tow 1,300 pounds. Learn more about the Kubota RTV X900.

  • accessories

    Here’s a look at some of the accessories and add-ons that take an RTV from base functionality to the next level. They come from the Kubota accessories catalog, which you can access online at The website has a build-your-own RTV function that lets you see pictures and prices for your add-on wish list.

  • bed

    Cargo Bed Options
    This machine can come with a heavy-duty hydraulic bed lift kit ($999 optional add-on). It also has a factory-option spray-on bed liner to protect the cargo bed from damage. Base price of the RTV-X900: $13,345.

  • windshield

    There are several options in windshields, depending on model and cab style. This clear acrylic windshield (also comes tinted) is transparent thermoplastic, lightweight, and shatter-resistant. Bolts on with four bolts. Approximate price: $399. Other windshields are laminated or tempered glass, or a polycarb with hard coat for adding a wiper blade.

  • canopy

    This black plastic canopy is an economical and stylish option for sun and rain protection. Approximate price: $288. A metal FOPS (falling object protective structure) canopy is also available.

  • doors

    Some Kubota RTV models come with a factory-installed cab. However, you can also have this side door added as an accessory to the X900 for added safety and comfort. It is made of roof-to-floor metal panels, heavy hinges, and wide sliding windows. Approximate price: $1,667. A vinyl door with metal frames is available for $1,014.

  • winch

    This add-on winch kit has 4,000 pounds of capacity and can be mounted on the front or rear of the machine. It is especially engineered for the Kubota RTV X900. Approximate price: $599.

Here are a few favorite add-ons for a utility vehicle.

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