Evaluator Awards

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    For four days, our team of 12 experienced evaluators put eight UTVs through rigorous tests on Little Goose Ranch. At the end of the week, we had riders vote on machine awards, including best workhorse, most comfortable, etc. (read the February issue of Successful Farming magazine to see the results). Just for kicks, we also had our team vote on evaluator awards. Click through the slideshow to see the winners of best driver, Mr. Fix It, and more!

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    Best Driver
    Tom Meredith, from Little Goose Ranch, had an unfair advantage when it came to the award for best driver. Tom lives on Little Goose Ranch so he knew the lay of the land. He’s also used ATVs and UTVs for years on the ranch’s 4,000 acres of flat fields, rolling rangeland, and mountain pathways. Regardless of the advantage, Tom’s smooth and safe driving won him this prize.

  • Mr. Fix It

    Mr. Fix It
    Every farm needs a handy man. The guy (or gal) you turn to when you have a problem with a machine or need something fixed. The Mr. Fix It for our evaluation was our own Dave Mowitz. Dave was the first to help change the spring compression settings, load up the machines with gravel, and power wash the machines at the end of the day. 

  • Dare Devil

    Dare Devil
    By unanimous vote, Broady Murphy stole the award for dare devil. The combination of his lead foot, adventurous spirit, and go-get-’em attitude made him an easy choice for our evaluators. We also enjoyed Broady’s beloved dog that followed him everywhere.

  • Most Likely to Get Stuck

    Most Likely to Get Stuck
    The award for Most Likely to Get Stuck (and then get himself unstuck) goes to John Lumkes, ag engineering professor at Purdue University. John has a lot of experiencing riding UTVs, but he does more than that. John also teaches his students how to design and build the machines. With his infinite knowledge of UTVs, John really pushes the machines to their limits (safely, of course) when he tests them.

The machines weren’t the only things evaluated at our Ultimate UTV Evaluation.

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