Explore Little Goose Ranch

  • sign

    Little Goose Ranch is nestled at the base of the Big Horn Mountains south of Sheridan, Wyoming. The ranch is owned and operated by the Meredith family.

  • mountain

    The ranch includes 4,000 acres of farm fields, rolling range, and steep mountain trails. The test trail wound around the ranch so riders could experience the machines in different conditions.

  • google earth

    This is an image from Google Earth that marks the test trail in red.

  • turn

    To really put the machines through their paces, part of the trail included tight turns and narrow paths.

  • muddy trail

    Rain during the evaluation gave our evaluators the opportunity to test the machines in muddy, slippery conditions.

  • water

    Little Goose Ranch was named after Little Goose Creek, which runs through the ranch. This spot through the creek wasn’t technically a part of the test trail, but we took machines through it anyway to see how they handled the water.

  • rocky road

    This steep, rocky road challenged the machines and showed how well the machine and its tires handled uneven terrain.

  • cattle

    The Little Goose Ranch is a working ranch. This shot shows Tom Meredith, co-owner of the ranch, out checking cattle.

  • irrigation

    Tom also took the machines out in the fields to look at the ranch’s irrigation systems.

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