Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXT

  • King of the Mules

    King of the Mules
    That’s what Kawasaki is calling its new entry into the side-by-side four-wheel utility vehicle market. It’s the Mule Pro-FXT, being built now at Kawasaki’s Lincoln, Nebraska, factory and shipping to dealers soon. At a recent press briefing, the company said that the new model builds on Kawasaki’s original work vehicle, the Mule 1000, first introduced in 1988.

  • People or cargo

    People or cargo
    The most unique part of the Pro-FXT is the trans-cab feature. At 64 inches wide, the front cab seat sits three people across. In one-seat mode (on the right in this picture), the machine has a 43-inch-long cargo bed with hydraulic-assist tilt. In two-seat mode (on the left), it can seat six, and the length of the bed goes down to 22 inches.

  • American made

    American made
    The Pro-FXT is being made in Kawasaki’s giant 2.2-million-square-foot factory near Lincoln, Nebraska, where it also makes water sports machines and rail cars. Most of the parts (except for the engine) are fabricated there. When up to speed, this factory will crank out 60 or more Mule Pro-FXTs a day.

  • It's a tank

    It’s a tank
    The new Mule Pro-FXT is a major workhorse for the farm, ranch, or recreational use.  The machine is powered by a three-cylinder Kawasaki liquid-cooled gasoline engine that can generate up to 48 ft-lb of torque in low gear. The UTV uses natural engine braking to help in descending slopes. The relatively short wheelbase of 92 inches allows the machine to turn in a 16-foot radius.

  • Leg and seat room

    Leg and seat room
    The back seat is slightly raised in stadium fashion to allow for good visibility. Bench seats are plenty wide to allow for three big people and full auto-style seat belts. The steering wheel on some models of the Pro-FXT tilts up 40° to allow for easy entrance through the solid auto-style doors.

  • Simple controls

    Simple controls
    For a workhorse that does so much, the dashboard is simple and intuitive. There are only four gear lever settings: neutral, hi, lo, and reverse. There’s a toggle switch for two-wheel and four-wheel drive, and another for rear differential lock. The LCD instrument cluster has a speedometer, odometer, hour meter, trip meter, and a clock.

  • Speed demon

    Speed demon
    The Mule Pro-FXT will top out around 40 mph, which is handy when you’ve got some distance between fields or farms. The side-by-side has a 7.9-gallon fuel tank, which normally lets it operate all day without a refill. The Camo model shown here has the dual auxiliary LED headlights.

  • Powerful power plant

    Powerful power plant
    The new 812 cc three-cylinder engine is mounted in the rear, under the cargo bed, to balance weight. This photo also shows the 10.2 inches of ground clearance under the Pro-FXT. The front and rear independent suspension travel is 8.7 inches, thanks to the twin-tube, preload adjustable shocks at each corner.

  • Extra extras

    Extra extras
    Kawasaki has designed more than 60 accessories for the Mule Pro-FXT. Shown here is a gun carrying case that firmly clamps in the cargo bed and a rugged ProVantage Plow System for moving snow (raised and lowered by the optional winch package). Other handy accessories include: skid plates, brush guards, hard and soft roofs, full and half windshields, hard and soft cabin enclosures, heaters, and a bed extender.

  • Pickup pulling power

    Pickup pulling power
    Perhaps the greatest indication of the toughness of the Mule Pro-FXT is its towing capacity. With an optional drawbar in the 2-inch rear receiver, it can tow up to 2,000 pounds (where permissible by law). The hydraulic disc brakes on all four corners, with dual-piston calipers in front, allow for this. The machine can also haul a maximum load of 1,000 pounds in the cargo bed.

  • The sticker

    The sticker
    The Pro-FXT comes in four models. The non-electric power steering (EPS) has standard steel wheels and two DC outlets in the cab for powering electronic devices. The MSRP is $12,999. The EPS model is $13,999. The EPS LE has LED headlights, aluminum wheels, a sun top, and two additional DC outlets in the rear seat. MSRP is $15,999. The elite Realtree Xtra Green Camo model has the same MSRP as the LE.

The first side-by-side utility vehicle gets heavy-duty upgrade.

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