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Key Brutus Features

  • Brutus

    The basic Brutus model is powered by an isolation mounted, fuel-efficient, 24-hp. diesel engine for low vibration and lower-speed torque. The hydrostatic transmission is optimized for acceleration and top speed.

  • Brutus HD

    Brutus HD
    With the Brutus HD, operators have the option of hydraulically controlled attachments. A Pro-Tach attachment system allows for quick and easy connection of front-end implements.

  • Brutus HD PTO

    Brutus HD PTO
    The Brutus HD PTO has an integrated, front-end mechanical PTO with high efficiency, maximizing power to attachments. This model comes with factory-installed, completely enclosed, flush-mount cab system as well as in-dash heat, defrost, and AC for all-season climate control.

  • Treadle Pedal

    Treadle Pedal
    An innovative treadle pedal allows easy forward or reverse travel without shifting gears.

  • Rear Suspension

    Rear Suspension
    The Brutus utilizes a multi-link coil over De-Dion rear suspension to deliver better ride quality. The rear suspension supports a 1,250-pound cargo capacity and 2,000-pound towing capacity without sacrificing ground clearance.

  • Ergonomic Controls

    Ergonomic Controls

    Ergonomic controls are available at your fingertips, including an intuitive joystick. An independent throttle control provides attachments with full power regardless of vehicle speed.

  • Cargo Box

    Cargo Box
    A pallet-sized rear cargo box features Polaris’ Lock & Ride cargo system for easy installation and removal of worksite accessories. The bed holds up to four cargo boxes and is easy to access with an oversized hinged lid.

  • Headache Rack

    Headache Rack
    The Lock & Ride Headache Rack secures up to six hand tools. Mesh construction allows airflow through the cab.

  • Pro-Fit Cab

    Pro-Fit Cab
    Windshields, roofs, rear panels, and doors are pre-designed for the Brutus and Brutus HD frame and lock on tightly for a secure cab system. Choose any combination to best meet your needs and budget.

  • Cab Accessories

    Cab Accessories
    Additional cab accessories include a heater kit, audio system, rearview mirror, and windshield wipers.

The new Polaris Brutus is available in three different models.

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