Meet the Team

  • Experienced Evaluators

    Experienced Evaluators
    You’ve seen the list of machines we are evaluating and the basic specs for each UTV. Now it’s time to introduce our team of experienced evaluators.

  • Dave Mowitz

    Dave Mowitz, Successful Farming
    Dave’s intro to ATVs began driving “three-wheeler” Hondas in the late 1970’s while managing Husker Harvest Days. Since then, he has attended numerous press events with ATVs and UTVs. These events offered him invaluable driving experience with vehicles ranging from mountain trails down to back-country rangeland. In addition, Dave and Laurie Bedord organized the original UTV Evaluation six years ago.

  • Laurie Bedord

    Laurie Bedord, Successful Farming
    Laurie has more than 15 years of experience riding ATVs and UTVs. Laurie is interested in how machines handle on uneven terrain. No farm or acreage is completely flat so she looks for a machine that can handle the uneven terrain with ease, especially when loaded down.

  • Jessie Scott

    Jessie Scott, Successful Farming
    Jessie grew up riding ATVs on her parent’s farm in Eastern Iowa. However, she hasn’t had as much experience riding utility vehicles so she will particularly pay attention to ease of use and comfort. She is also looking for a machine with a little get up and go. In the words of Ricky Bobby, “I want to go fast!”

  • John Lumkes

    John Lumkes, Purdue University
    John was raised on a small farm in Wisconsin. His father was a heavy equipment mechanic, so John grew up fixing vehicles. Now John is a professor in the Ag and Biological Engineering Department at Purdue. As an engineer and designer, he looks at how well the various design tradeoffs (cost, ergonomics, performance) were managed and when driving, how well the components function as a system.

  • Joe Greving

    Joe Greving, Cedar Rapids Tire
    Joe grew up on a farm in West Central Iowa and has driven 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers, and side-by-side vehicles for more than 20 years. One important feature to Joe is how the machine handles at high rates of speed and on varying terrains. Does it turn easily into corners? Does the machine feel stable when the terrain is uneven? Does the machine handle well in loose terrain like sand or mud?

  • Mell Meredith

    Mell Meredith, Little Goose Ranch
    Mell has used ATVs and UTVs for more than 30 years, specifically for recreational and lawn care use. Given her experience, Mell will focus on how comfortable the ride is and the ability to use the UTV for garden chores.

  • Michael Frazier

    Michael Frazier, Little Goose Ranch
    For 30 years, Michael has used utility machines for ranch and recreational use. He will focus on the ease of use and driving. In particular, Michael is interested in how easy it is to get in and out of the vehicle and using the bed for chores.

  • Mick Frazier

    Mick Frazier, Little Goose Ranch
    Mick has been riding UTVs for eight years. At first it was just for ranch work, but now has shifted toward some recreational use. He will look at how the vehicles perform with a load and the comfort of the rider.

  • Ed Meredith

    Ed Meredith, Little Goose Ranch
    Like Mick, Ed has worked with utility vehicles for eight years. He uses them primarily for ranch work, but also in his work as a hunting guide. He will place a particular emphasis on the comfort of the vehicle and its ability to handle technical terrain.

  • Chad Bradshaw

    Chad Bradshaw, Little Goose Ranch
    Chad has used ATVs and UTVs since the mid 1980’s. He uses the machines everyday working on the ranch, in particular for hauling feed and supplement. Given his experience, Chad will focus on the capability of the machine on rough terrain with a load.

  • Justin McKenzie

    Justin McKenzie, Little Goose Ranch
    Justin also works on the ranch and uses utility vehicles to haul feed and for working cattle. He is especially interested in the load capacity of the different vehicles, and the speed the vehicle can move with a load to accelerate chores.

  • Broady Murphy

    Broady Murphy, Little Goose Ranch
    Broady has used UTVs and ATVs for three years, at first for pleasure and now for ranch work. He is interested in how the machines handle rough terrain and ease of use.

Learn about our evaluators for the Ultimate UTV Test.

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