Modify your machine

  • Modify your machine

    With the help of Iowa State University graduate students Kevin Peyton and Keith Webster, Successful Farming magazine accessorized a 2011 Polaris Ranger Diesel to make it the most multipurpose machine possible. Check out our top accessory picks on the following slides.

  • Hood Rack

    Hood Rack

    These devices don't just separate equipment from cargo in back; they let you carry more. “Hood racks or hood baskets are a great way to expand storage,” says Peyton. Seizmik's Hood Rack not only offers added storage but also tilts down so you can leave it on if you need to get under the hood.

    Price: $299.95. Donated by Seizmik (

  • Side-View Mirror

    Side-View Mirror

    There are several side-view mirrors on the market that are very functional and attractive. Seizmik's adjustable mirrors are easy to install, have a tough housing that resists damage, can be folded in when not in use, and feature shatterproof tempered glass.

    Price: $59.95. Donated by Seizmik (

  • Rearview Mirror

    Rearview Mirror

    The Lock & Ride 3-Panel Rearview Mirror offers a broad view of what's behind you as well as four-way adjustability.

    Price: $99.99. Donated by Pure Polaris (

  • Windshield


    The VersaShield is a full, lower, and upper windshield in one, made of impact- and scratch-resistant acrylic. It was chosen for our UTV because you can ride with the lower section as a half windshield. You can also use the upper section for ventilation yet still block wind and dust, or you can use both sections for full windshield protection.

    Price: $299.99. Donated by Seizmik (

  • Light Bar

    Light Bar

    What's important here is to ensure the lights you choose will integrate with other accessories like windshields and roofs. The Seizmik UTV Light Bar is a pre-runner-style light that protects lights and windshield from overhead damage. The flip-down design lets you lower the bar to make it through low-clearance spaces.

    Price: $349.99. Donated by Seizmik (

  • LED Headlights

    LED Headlights

    “A headlight conversion kit would enhance the lighting system,” Peyton notes. The standard headlights that came with our UTV were converted to Polaris's LED Headlight Kit, which produced significantly brighter light.

    Price: $449.99. Donated by Pure Polaris (

  • Center Console

    Center Console

    This device combines the convenience of cup holders with locking storage in the cab. It holds drinks steady without spilling when you're driving over rough terrain. It keeps your keys, wallet, or cell phone secure and dry in the weatherproof-sealed, locking storage compartment.

    Price: $95. Donated by Seizmik (

  • Winch


    “The Polaris Integrated 4,500-pound Winch Kit seems to be the best option in this category over universal receiver-hitch winches,” says Peyton. “It would be good to put a synthetic winch rope on since it is safer to handle and safer in the event of a failure.”

    Price: $699.99. Donated by Pure Polaris (

  • Rear Brushguard

    Rear Brushguard

    “A rear brushguard makes sense on the Ranger. It looks nice and protects the vehicle,” says Peyton.

    Price: $149.99. Donated by Pure Polaris (

  • Roof


    “A basic poly roof, a sport roof, or even a bimini top is almost a requirement,” says Peyton. A roof on a UTV is a welcome accessory for both sun and element protection. The Polaris Sport Roof is made of black polyethylene and attaches easily with vibration-reducing P clamps. The flat design keeps the roof ½ inch above the cab frame.

    Price: $299.99. Donated by Pure Polaris (

  • A-Arm Guards

    A-Arm Guards

    “A-Arm Guards provide great additional undercarriage protection,” says Peyton. The Polaris A-Arm Guards are made of weather-resistant aluminum to protect the suspension from damage. Vents allow mud, water, and debris to drain.

    Price: $149.99. Donated by Pure Polaris (

  • Headache Rack

    Headache Rack

    “An open, slotted, or expanded metal panel that mounts to the roll bars behind the seats would be a good safety improvement,” says Peyton. The Polaris Headache Rack is steel mesh and gives excellent protection without compromising rear visibility.

    Price: $299.99. Donated by Pure Polaris (

  • Bed Lift

    Bed Lift

    Removing loads from the bed is made much easier by installing a Ranger box lift actuator.

    Price: $499.

  • Smartphone Holder

    Smartphone Holder

    RAM Mount makes it easy to put your electronic device where it can be easily accessed and operated. The RAM Composite Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount for the iPhone is a good choice.

    Price: $60. Donated by Cedar Rapids Tire (

  • Tires


    “The factory-installed tires on the Polaris Ranger Diesel were Carlisle AT489 X/L tires,” says Joe Greving, owner of Cedar Rapids Tire. “These tires are fine for some all-terrain purposes. But for on-farm use, Terracross tires offer extreme-duty construction.”

    Price: ITP Terracross 26-9R14 ($130 each) and 26-11R14 tires ($140 each). Donated by Cedar Rapids Tire (

Transform your UTV into a hardworking vehicle that does more than chores.

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