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Top 5 UTV Accessories

Farm chores are a whole lot easier with a side-by-side utility vehicle. These hardworking machines are even more useful with accessories, which is why UTV buyers spend, on average, an extra $1,500 on accessories. The following accessories are ones identified by UTV manufacturers as farmer favorites.

1. Hard Top
Utility vehicles come open topped in their bare-bones configurations, but farmers rarely take them home that way. It’s the number one farmer accessory for the Kawasaki side-by-side machines. “Farmers spend long days in the field and like the shade and rain protection that comes from a hard-top roof,” says Joe Heim of Kawasaki. The polyethylene version retails for about $399. It’s also a top add-on for the Kubota RTV series of utility vehicles, and a top three for the smaller 50-inch-wide Honda Pioneer (pictured above).

2. Windshield
The plastic windshield shown here on a Kawasaki Mule Pro-FX protects against wind and rain, says Kawasaki’s Heim, even while traveling up to 40 mph. The built-in fresh-air vents allow for plenty of airflow on hot days. He says the plastic version is as tough as the glass version, cleans easily without scratching, and, at $599 retail for the full size, is a little less expensive than glass. Kubota’s Vince Iorio says the windshield is the second-favorite accessory for Kubota’s machines. He points out that it isn’t just protection from wind and rain but also from dust, rocks, and bugs.

3. Winch
Most utility vehicle manufacturers include a winch in their top-selling accessories. The heavy-duty front winch for the Honda Pioneer 700 utility vehicle has 4,000 pounds of pulling force with a sealed drivetrain and disc brake that give you complete control. It sells for about $440, plus the cost of the mounting bracket.

For the Kawasaki Pro-FX, the Vantage 4000 winch is available starting at about $400, including a dash-mounted mini-rocker switch and corded remote winch control. The Kubota 2,500-pound front winch retails for about $540.

4. Audio System
Kawasaki’s Heim says the add-on audio system for the Mule models is pretty popular with farmers. It’s built to take the elements in an open cab, has an AM/FM tuner, two marine-grade speakers, USB and AUX input adapter, and is preassembled with simple two-wire plug-and-play installation features. “Farmers really like the USB ports,” he says. “It gives you the ability to plug in a smartphone and have your own play-list in remote locations.” The audio system sells for $499.

5. Mounted Sprayer
While they aren’t typically sold as accessories directly by UTV manufacturers, many farmers want a small sprayer mounted on the back cargo bed for spot-spraying fence lines, weed patches, pastures, or ditches. Kubota’s Iorio says it’s a top-three accessory desired by farmers for their RTV models. “It’s about the convenience and the efficient way to do small jobs,” he says. A complete sprayer unit to mount in a utility vehicle cargo box, like one from River Bend Industries, is about $2,700. Such sprayers typically have a 50- to 100-gallon tank and a 12- to 15-foot boom.

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