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Updates to Kubota RTV Line

For the first time in 2016, Kubota is offering a front-PTO connection on its RTV-X1100C.  Implements can hook up to the PTO in seconds by simply flipping the PTO lever.

The PTO is gearbox driven, for added durability and precision. The complete system can be removed in less than an hour if you’d like to use your machine without an implement.

An ergonomic control handle can be installed on the left- or right-hand side of the steering wheel. A blue LED indicator confirms the floating action of the hitch for immediate use. This light is activated when both the trigger and blue colored button are pressed simultaneously.

The PTO switch has a double action intuitive control, similar to what is used on tractors, and an operator presence cutoff switch is standard.

Kubota will offer four attachments for 2016:

  • A 66-inch snowblower with a standard hydraulic chute rotation and deflector.

  • A 66-inch sweeper that turns at more than 240 rpm.

  • A 78-inch v-plow that will accommodate the full width of the RTV.

  • A 78-inch straight blade.


Kubota’s X1140 also received several upgrades for 2016. The convertible machine can now be changed from two to four seats more quickly. Conversion takes three simple steps: repositioning the sides of the bed, repositioning the cargo bed, and then moving the protective screen and bench seat.

A newly designed ROPS makes loading from the side easier when the RTV is in the two-seat configuration. A fifth pole has been added in the rear middle of the frame to ensure the same high level of ROPS performance.

In addition, the X1140 now has independent rear suspension, 10% more legroom in the backseat, and a 20% larger radiator.

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