Yamaha Viking in Action

  • Brand New Machine

    Brand New Machine
    Innovations Editor Jessie Scott recently test drove the all-new Yamaha Viking in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. The event was held at Red Reflet Ranch, a 27,000-acre working ranch with more than 100 miles of trails. The location was both breath taking and an ideal setting to try out the new side-by-side.

  • Time for a Ride!

    Time for a Ride!
    That’s me at the left ready to take the Viking out for a ride. My observations: comfortable, easy-to-handle, and a blast to drive. You can’t tell from the picture, but the Viking has adjustable seats: a big plus for short drivers. Note: This picture was taken before I had a chance to put on my helmet, goggles, and seatbelt.

  • Rough Terrain

    Rough Terrain
    Climbing up the mountain, rolling through cattle pastures, and racing down narrow pathways, the Viking handled well in a variety of terrain. Three main features contribute to this all-terrain machine: four-wheel drive, EPS, and the independent double wishbone suspension system.

  • Load Up the Trailer

    Load Up the Trailer
    The standard two-inch receiver on the Viking can pull up to 1,500 pounds.

  • Cargo Capacity

    Cargo Capacity
    You can pack up to 600 pounds in the back of the Viking. The steel box is large enough to fit a fully loaded pallet.

  • UTV Evaluation

    UTV Evaluation
    The Viking is one of eight machines we’ll be evaluating next week in Sheridan, Wyoming. If there’s something specific you’d like evaluated, join in the discussion.

Test driving the brand-new utility vehicle.

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