UTV Test: Machine impressions

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    The Agriculture.com and Successful Farming Ultimate UTV Test is underway this week at Little Goose Ranch near Sheridan, Wyoming. Check out some of the machines being put to the test this week.

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    Polaris Ranger XP 900

    Polaris Ranger XP 900
    Here, the Ranger is loaded with half of its rated capacity as it takes a tight curve around a mountain. Despite being loaded, it was still as responsive in maneuvering as it was when unloaded. The Ranger has great low-speed for utility purposes, and great high-speed capability if needed.

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    Yamaha Viking

    The Viking is responsive when it comes to tight turns, and its suspension allows great maneuverability over rough terrain. The Viking has a third seat that’s slightly reclined so a third passenger can sit comfortably. One evaluator says that the brakes might be the best of the group.

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    Honda Pioneer 700-4

    The Honda Pioneer 700-4 is heading out on smooth trails. The machine has quick acceleration to get you up to speed and very responsive brakes if needed in an emergency. The machine has an optional rear seat that can be folded down into the bed for storage. It’s a great feature if more than two people are riding.

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    John Deere Gator XUV 825i

    The XUV 825i is a great workhorse. It has a spacious cab with a nice center console. There are multiple lights on the front of the machine for great night visibility.

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    John Deere RSX 850i

    John Deere RSX 850i
    The RSX has great acceleration, one of the fastest of the group. The suspension is great to ride over rough terrain at faster speeds. One evaluator commented that it was a bit noisy at high speeds, but overall a very fun machine.

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    Arctic Cat Prowler 700 HDX

    The Prowler has great steering and is able to cut tight turns while keeping good traction. The suspension is a little soft, but well behaved on rough terrain, one evaluator said.

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    Bobcat 3400

    The 3400 is a pleasant surprise for its great handling. The downhill braking is very responsive and allows great control over a steep grade. The engine power is a little weak for a sports utility, but is a great workhorse. One evaluator says it could be a “best buy” considering it’s a diesel, well-built, and well-equipped machine.

Here are a few of the Ultimate UTV Test team's impressions of the machines they're testing.

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