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What's new with Yamaha Outdoors?

Yamaha Outdoors was a huge hit this year with their presence at the annual Ag Media Summit, the largest ever conference of agricultural communicators. Not only did they provide scholarships for two individual students and one ACT (Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow) chapter to attend the conference, but they also hosted the first ever Yamaha photo workshop. The photo workshop allowed students and professionals to practice new photography techniques while also learning about ATV safety. Yamaha also participated in the trade show where they were able to show off some of their new equipment including the Grizzly 300. The Grizzly 300 is Yamaha's latest ATV, a low cost option 2WD vehicle for transportation and light chores around the farm. It is great as a fleet vehicle on big farms or as a standalone worker on smaller farmers. Whether it was helping students attend this conference, hosting a photo workshop, or showing off their new technologies, one thing is for sure, Yamaha stood out amongst the crowd in Albuquerque, N.M., this week.
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