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A Closer Look at White's New Toolbars

You can now choose from two toolbars when ordering a White planter equipped with Precision Planting technology. Both toolbars are equipped with maintenance-free, all cast iron 9000 series row units but don’t include the drives, seed meters, and various other components, so you can design a planter to fit your exact needs. This prevents duplicating components when converting a White planter to include the latest Precision Planting components and systems. 

The harness-free frame 9500VER toolbar is available in 23-row, 15-inch row spacing; 24-row, 20-inch row spacing; and 24-row, 22-inch row spacing. The 9700VER toolbar is available in 12-row, with 30-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch, or 40-inch row spacing; and a 16-row with 30-inch row spacing. 

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Both the 9500VER and 9700VER toolbars consist of maintenance-free, all cast iron 9000 series row units, but they don’t include the drives or seed meters, so components aren’t duplicated when a White Planter is converted to include the latest Precision Planting components and systems. “AGCO developed these toolbars so growers can customize a White planter with the Precision Planting components they want in the row width right for their needs,” explains Tom Draper of AGCO. 

The new 9500VER toolbar is equipped with a durable three-section, flex-and-forward fold, 7×7-inch frame; a two-tank, 90-bushel, central-fill seed-delivery system (CFS); hydraulic lift and fold systems, and folding marker selection. The 9700VER toolbar features durable three-section, flexible, 7×7-inch hydraulic stack-folding wings, and hydraulic fold system.

Both toolbars can be customized to fit the needs of nearly any production system. Add-on options include the Bullseye, WaveVision and SpeedTube seed tubes, vSet meter, vDrive electronic drive system, vDrive Insecticide meters, and DeltaForce hydraulic downforce from Precision Planting.

Additional options with the toolbars include the Precision Planting 20|20 monitor and FieldView data collection and mapping.

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