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A HORSCH Planter That Applies Two Dry Fertilizers

Dry fertilizer fans, listen up. HORSCH created a planter that will let you apply your two favorite kinds of dry fertilizer without worrying about runoff issues caused by broadcast applications.

According to HORSCH, the Maestro SW Dry is the first bulk-fill dry fertilizer planter in North America and uses hydraulic down pressure to plant seed while applying two types of dry fertilizer simultaneously.

Compared with traditional planters, this HORSCH offering can go fast enough that planting speed is increased by 20% to 40%. A large product carrying capacity – 83 bushels of seed, a combined 5 tons of fertilizer – should keep growers in the field longer during planting windows.

Fertilizer can be applied 2 to 5 inches horizontally from the furrow and can also be placed 1.5 to 4 inches below the seed’s depth. Two fertilizer compartments carry the dry fertilizer that flows through large hoses to help prevent blockages. Each opener hose has a stainless-steel sleeved blockage monitor to keep the operator informed if a blockage does occur.

The planter’s unique design houses the seed and dry fertilizer on the cart, which doesn’t affect the row units. A weight transfer system keeps weight evenly spread across the full toolbar with curve compensation doing its part, as well. For seed spacing, HORSCH says an electric motor-driven seed singulator provides industry-leading spacing accuracy.

Growers can get this planter in three different sizes, but all have large-diameter cart tires. The 40-foot wide SW1630 can handle 16 rows with 30-inch spacing. Another 40-foot-wide model called SW2420 can plant 24 rows at a time with 30-inch spacing. The widest model, the 60-foot wide SW2430, plants 24 rows with 30-inch spacing. 

Each model has an ISOBUS control system, which makes integration of monitors and management software programs a snap. A HORSCH monitor can also manage variable-rate application.

All three models of the Maestro SW Dry planter will be available from Horsch dealers starting at $280,000. 

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