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A walk around the new Fendt Momentum planter

By combining Precision Planting technology with a smart toolbar, the company has created ‘the most agronomically advanced planter in the industry.’

A small group of farmers, dealers, and media got the first glimpse of the new Momentum planter from Fendt this week in Peoria, Illinois. Bob Crain, senior vice president and general manager of the Americas, says by combining Precision Planting technology with a smart toolbar, the company has created “the most agronomically advanced planter in the industry, bar none.”

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Engineering manager Rex Schertz says, “Momentum is designed to consistently place every seed at the optimal depth and spacing regardless of variations in soil moisture, soil type, residue levels, terrain, or operating speed. It is built to help mimimize compaction and eliminate pinch rows, as well as reduce the frequency of downtime for refills or configuration changes and cleanout when switching crops.”

Fendt Momentum planter in field
Photo credit: Fendt

The eight models of the Momentum planter will be built in Beloit, Kansas. These include 16-, 24-, 32-, and 48-row configurations with row spacings of 15, 20, 22, and 30 inches. Orders will open in May 2020 through 10 select dealers for the 2021 planting season.

Here’s a first look at the new planter. Farmers will have an opportunity to see and touch this machine at Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas.

Vertical Contouring Toolbar

The Momentum planter was designed with a vertical contouring toolbar that flexes up and down as much as 68 inches to follow the countour of the field and to let farmers plant in the most efficient direction.

“Where the Momentum planter really shines is when planting terraces or uneven fields,” says Alex Lundgren, product manager. “The planter essentially flexes to wrap itself over the top of the terrace and down into the lowest point, putting each row unit in the best possible position for optimal row cleaning, downforce, furrow forming, seed placement, and closing.” Optimized planting results in more consistent emergence.

The new Fendt Momentum planter is equipped with a vertical contouring toolbar
Photo credit: Fendt

No Pinch Rows, Reduced Compaction

Pinch rows are often a drawback farmers accept when they choose to operate a large, efficient center-filled planter. Fendt claims to have eliminated this problem by using wide in-line tandem wheels that travel in front of the row units instead of side-by-side duals used on competitive planters. The planter tires line up to follow the path of the tractor tires to limit compaction.

The unique tandem wheels provide both the flotation advantage of tracks and the high road speed of tires. The planters were designed to fold to a 12×12-foot size for safe navigation of narrow roads and field entrances.

Fendt Momentum planter roading from the back
Photo credit: Fendt
Fendt momentum planter roading from the front
Photo credit: Fendt

Speed, Seed, and Fertilizer Capacity

When equipped with optional Precision Planting SpeedTubes, the Momentum will plant up to 10 mph with 99% singulation and seed-spacing accuracy, Fendt says.

Fendt momentum tanks for seed and fertilizer
Photo credit: Natalina Sents

Twin seed tanks on the Momentum planter hold 65 bushels each. The liquid fertilizer tank has a capacity of 1,000 gallons.

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