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Deere MaxEmerge 5e Row Units Available for 2017 Planting

At the National Farm Machinery Show in February, John Deere unveiled its latest planter prototype — MaxEmerge 5e row units. The variable-rate electric drive row units, which up until now were only available on Deere's ExactEmerge planters, will be available on the MaxEmerge planters in the spring of 2017.

“With planters equipped with the electric drive meter for each row unit and related technology, customers can achieve up to a 20% improvement in population accuracy and eliminate a potential 1% to 2% yield loss due to seeding inaccuracies,” says Brian Boelens, John Deere Seeding product specialist.

To allow each row unit to work independently, traditional shafts and drivelines have been replaced with electronic drives that improve seeding population accuracy. Without the shafts and drivelines in the way, each unit is quite easy to access. 

“With today’s tight margins, corn and soybean producers are looking for ways to maximize yields and productivity while saving time and input costs,” Boelens says. “Planting with a MaxEmerge 5e row unit-equipped planter can help them achieve those goals.”

MaxEmerge 5e row units, like ExactEmerge models, have active pneumatic downforce. Each unit is compatible with SeedStar 3HP and SeedStar Mobile seeding monitoring systems with wireless data servers. 

The variable-rate, electric drive row units come standard with SeedStar 3HP monitoring system, one year free activation of SeedStar Mobile, Curve Compensation, and vacuum automation, meter runoff, and built-in Row Command. 

If wanted, the following features can be added: easy-adjust row cleaners, individual row hydraulic downforce, pneumatic closing wheels, and fertilizer attachments — depending on the model of planter.

Retrofit kits are available for growers with newer model planters.

MaxEmerge 5e row units can be used on 1725 16-row, 1775NT, 1795, DB44, DB60, DB66, DB80, DB88, and DB90 planters, including the mini-hopper, 1.6-bushel, and 3-bushel hopper models. 

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