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​Kinze Displays Prototype for 60-Foot Split-Row Planter

Are North American farmers ready for a 60-foot split-row planter that pivots to a transport width of just 12 feet? That’s the question Kinze Manufacturing is asking, particularly of those who attended the 2017 Farm Progress Show where Kinze showcased its advanced, patent-pending prototype. Attached to the planter was a rack of cards with an email address ( seeking farmers’ opinions and desires, which will be evaluated as part of the development process.

Like the existing 3600 split-row planter, the prototype features 15-inch split rows and the exclusive push-row design for better residue flow and wider access for service.

“As a center pivot model, it also features a narrow 12-foot transport design for safer road travel and improved maneuverability in and out of the field,” says Mike Gryp, Kinze. “It is the narrowest transport width in the industry for a 60-foot split-row planter, in most cases eliminating the requirement for a road permit.”

Other features include a three-section flex frame and Kinze’s hydraulic weight transfer system that distributes the bulk fill planter's weight across the full width of the toolbar.

“Best of all, it has the ability to be used for both 30-inch corn planting and 15-inch soybean planting in large fields for increased productivity, due to its 60-foot bar,” Gryp says.

The 60-foot split-row prototype wasn’t the only new product from Kinze. Sharing the display space was a new eight-row 3500 planter with a bulk fill system. According to Gryp, the new model combines two proven technologies — the Kinze pivot-fold frame design with the Kinze bulk fill system — to produce Kinze’s first small frame planter with this option.

“With two 25-bushel tanks, increased seed capacity means less time required for refills and higher productivity,” he says, noting that the new option is available to order for 2018 planting with split-row and liquid fertilizer options.

Moving over the Kinze grain cart lineup, Gryp shared that Kinze is now offering industry-leading Camso brand tracks on the new Series 1105 and 1305 dual-auger grain carts. The company is also making tracks available for the first time on the 1051 single-auger grain cart. These tracks offer greater durability, easier maintenance, and reduced soil compaction. The Camso tracks, combined with Kinze’s modular cart construction, industrial-grade cylinders, and unload speeds up to 750 bushels a minute, provide farmers with a rugged, durable cart for efficient harvest.

“The dual-auger grain carts will also be equipped with a new joystick to handle four cart functions, including tip spout, horizontal auger on/off, flow gate, and auger tilt,” Gryp says. "This provides a more user-friendly, intuitive, ergonomic design for easy operation.”

Again, Camso tracks and the joystick will be available to order in November for the 2018 harvest season.

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