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Kinze Introduces New 4700 Planter

Kinze Manufacturing is expanding its planter offerings to include a new 4700 model.

To start, the 4700 planter will be available equipped with a 60-foot toolbar capable of covering 36 rows with narrow, 20-inch spacing. More sizes will come later.

“The speeds we’ll see with this machine will be up to 8 mph, so it will be able to plant a lot of ground in a hurry,” explains Eric Broadbent, director of sales.

A tractor with at least 275 hp. is needed to pull the 4700.

The 4000 series cast row unit is a key feature of this new planter.

“This row unit has 12 inches of travel, 6 up, and 6 down,” Broadbent explains. “It’s a three-piece cast design, a very robust configuration, and we’re very proud of it.”

Broadbent says this new planter leads its class in seed and fertilizer tank capacity.

The 4700 has a 120-bushel bulk seed tank capacity and is equipped with hydraulic weight transfer to evenly distribute the weight of the bulk fill hoppers across the toolbar. This feature helps to reduce pinch row compaction.

Between two tanks a total of 600 gallons of onboard liquid fertilizer capacity is available.



The latest precision technologies from Kinze will be available with this planter.

“The Blue Drive technology that this planter will have is essentially electric drive,” explains Broadbent.

The new planter is also equipped with a Blue Vantage display, a touch screen that is installed in the tractor cab and used to control the planter. This high-tech display is standard equipment on 4700.

“We’ve described this technology as three clicks to plant,” says Broadbent. See Phil Jennings, service manager for Kinze demonstrate Blue Vantage in the video below.

True Depth is one of the down-pressure systems available for this machine.

“This planter will be optioned with either the pneumatic down pressure or our True Depth, which is hydraulic active down pressure,” Broadbent adds.

He notes True Depth is made by Kinze for Kinze machines. “This is not an aftermarket type of a down-pressure system that we’re putting on our row unit. This is something that we designed in-house.”


The 4700 has three 20-foot sections offering up to 15° up and down of toolbar flex.

Broadbent explains the importance of flex saying, “It makes sure that the outer row units are staying in contact with the ground, so when you get on uneven terrain and you’ve got steep slopes or angles you’re trying to maneuver, maybe it’s terraces, this machine can handle that aggressive terrain.”

Kinze planters are known for their unique hydraulic folding systems enabling easy transport.

When folded, the 4700 is 10 rows wide, or about 16 feet. The planter is also lifted about 46 inches off the ground for transport.

The center of the machine is balanced on wide, high-flotation tires to minimize compaction.

“The tires have a lower sidewall because if you went with a larger tire, you’d have to get the wings up and over when you went to fold,” Broadbent explains. “We’ve got high-flotation duals on each side, and we put them out in front. That way, you’re not running over the row behind.”

Price and Availability

Orders for the 4700 will open April 2019 and can be placed through your local Kinze dealer. Broadbent says pricing information will be available at that time. The first 4700s will be built in fall of 2019 and on farms by spring 2020.

In the future, the 4700 will be offered in additional configurations including a 24-row 20-inch planter, and a 24-row 30-inch planter. Kinze has not disclosed a production timeline for these 24-row options.

National Farm Machinery Show

While the new 4700 will not be on display at the 2019 National Farm Machinery Show, farmers can stop by the Kinze booth #4499 to see the 4900 and Blue Vantage display in person. Product experts will be on hand to answer questions regarding the 4700.

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