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Kinze’s new planter brings high speeds to small fields

Kinze Manufacturing has introduced the 3505 True Speed high-speed planter — with planting speeds up to 12 mph — for the 2023 season.

“The 3505 pivot fold planter is the newest addition to Kinze’s True Speed high-speed planter lineup,” says Susanne Veatch, president of Kinze. “It is simple to operate, high-performing and offered with or without split eight-row 30-inch and six-row 30-inch configurations.”

Kinze’s regular 3505 planter has been popular with smaller growers, usually with around 1,000 acres or less. 

“It’s a kind of an underserved market, those growers sometimes get overlooked,” says Eric Broadbent, director of North America sales for Kinze. “Our industry likes to focus on the big producers, but if you total up a lot of these smaller farms — the folks who are using this planter of eight rows and sometimes less — there’s just an enormous number of those smaller farmers out there.”

Broadbent says a lot of these farmers will miss out on the updates and creature comforts bigger planters usually receive. The 3505 True Speed planter is the answer to that. 

Now equipped with Kinze’s True Speed high-speed meter and seed tube, the 3505 planter can plant at higher speeds of up to 12 mph, increasing the amount of acres a farmer can cover in a single day without sacrificing singulation accuracy or spacing. 

Planter performance optimized

The 3505 planter’s capabilities are optimized by Kinze’s Blue Vantage touchscreen display with shared coverage data and up to four planter-mounted cameras. The planter also feature Kinze’s Blue Drive electric drive, which is integrated with the touchscreen display for row-by-row control. Kinze’s True Depth hydraulic downforce control helps with accurate seed placement. 

Farmers can use the 3505 for planting corn, soybeans, sweet corn, cotton, sunflowers, milo/sorghum, edible beans, sugar beets, and wheat. The planter has a bulk-fill carrying capacity of 50 bushels, with liquid and dry fertilizer options. 

The narrow transport size and the double frame, lift and pivot folding frame design make for easily accessible serviceability. The 3505 also sports improved durability, longer wear life, and lower cost of ownership from Kinze’s 05 Series row unit upgrades.

More from Kinze

Kinze has announced the Yetter 2940 Air Adjust series row cleaners will now be offered on the 4905 and 4705 Blue Drive planters. The row cleaners are factory-installed and controlled with the Blue Vantage touchscreen display. Using the dedicated row cleaner screen, farmers can change row air settings and operating depth for residue control from the cab. 

Parallel linkage-equipped row cleaner and coulter, and row cleaner combo have up and down air bags to follow contours in the ground and clear a path for the seedbed. These are standard equipped with a hydraulically driven pneumatic compressor and Yetter SharkTooth row cleaner wheels.

The Yetter row cleaners are only available on the 4905 and 4705 planters for now, but Broadbent says this upgrade will likely be available on other models in the future.

Pricing and availability

The 3505 True Speed planter will be available for order in April and will ship out in early 2023. 

4905 and 4705 planters equipped with the new Yetter row cleaners will be available for purchase in April, and will hit dealer lots later in October.

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