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Latest Case IH Early Riser Planter Has Tracks

The latest addition to Case IH’s 2000 Early Riser planter series is the 2160 Early Riser planter that offers the latest track technology and durable new row units.

“The 2160 Early Riser planter with steerable Rowtrac Carrier System provides up to 74% increased flotation over a wheeled carrier to reduce soil compaction,” says Tony McClelland, Case IH planter marketing manager. The new carrier system is the industry’s first three-axis steerable track and was designed by the same engineering team that created the well-known Magnum and Steiger Rowtrac tracks.

Tracks offer growers a larger footprint and spread out the weight of the toolbar more than wheeled planters do. In turn, compaction and pinch-row are reduced significantly. If a farmer prefers a wheeled planter, though, the 2160 can come with wheels instead. 

Depending on field conditions, the 2160 can fly across the field at 10 mph if the operator chooses to do so because of the newly designed row units that Case IH describes as “rugged.”

Toolbars are available from 60 to 90 feet in width. With a clearance of 26 inches, the 2160 toolbars have a 60% increase in vertical row unit travel.

“The Early Riser row unit creates the industry’s only flat-bottom seed trench to provide proper depth and more consistent seed placement,” says McClelland. “From there, the gentle two-stage closing system ensures excellent seed-to-soil contact for fast germination and uniform plant growth.”

As in the past, this new planter model comes equipped with Precision Planting technology. Planters come with integrated vSet 2 meter with vDrive electric drive, and optional DeltaForce hydraulic downforce, SpeedTube, CleanSweep air cylinders, and granular and liquid fertilizer options.

The 2160 Early Riser planter is available now. Depending on technology options, farmers should expect a 20-inch, 36-row unit with tracks to be $444,532.00.

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