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New Case IH 2130 Early Riser Plants More Than Corn and Soybeans

Case IH has announced the addition of the 2130 Stack-fold planter to their Early Riser lineup. The new model is especially designed to meet­­ the needs of farmers who strip till, irrigate, or raise specialty crops such as cotton, peanuts, and dry edible beans.

“We’re excited that this new planter provides high speed, high specs, and high tech – all available straight from the factory,” says Tony McClelland, Case IH planter marketing manager. “This is also a great new option for growers in specialty applications, now offering them the same specs and features corn and soybean growers love in the 2000 series lineup.”

Five sizes of the new planter are available. The 12-row planter comes in 30-, 36-, 38- or 40-inch row spacing configurations. A 16-row model is available with 30-inch row spacing.

Each row unit can travel 16 inches independently for better performance in varied terrain and to allow greater clearance for residue managers. For durability and easier maintenance the cast-iron row unit is built with larger, common hardware and fewer parts. This planter has a heavy-duty tool bar designed to endure high speed work over rapidly changing conditions.

The 2130 requires a tractor with anywhere from 180 to 310 horsepower, based on planter size and desired speed. Depending on options, this planter needs a hydraulic system with three or four remotes and a high-flow or twin-flow hydraulic pump.

Farmers can order this high-speed stack-fold planter with an optional bulk-fill, a factory-fit liquid fertilizer system, and wing downforce.

High Speed Capability

With the ability to plant at speeds up to 10 MPH, farmers can get more crop in the ground when conditions are optimal. Compared with planting at 6 MPH, a farmer can cover 67% more acres. Planting at 10 MPH translates to 31.5 acres per hour. That means if a farmer plants for 8 hours a day for 10 days, they can tackle 2,520 acres.

Bulk-Fill Tank Option

Although 1.9-bushel on-row hoppers are still available, choosing a 50-bushel bulk-tank adds seed capacity and reliable delivery, making the planter more efficient.

A company press statement claims, “The bulk-fill tank option allows producers to save up to 50% of the time it takes to tender seed with on-row hoppers while tendering more effectively with one man instead of two. The tank also provides 2.2 times more seed capacity on a 12-row planter and 1.6 times more seed capacity on a 16-row planter when compared with on-row hoppers.”

The bulk-fill system is also easier to clean out than individual on-row hoppers, simplifying the process of changing crops and saving time. Efficiency is key to making the most of tight planting windows.

Liquid Fertilizer System

Farmers who choose to add aftermarket fertilizer tanks to the sides or front of their planting tractor can now take advantage of a new factory-available liquid fertilizer system. By applying starter fertilizer in-furrow a pass across the field may be eliminated saving fuel and time while minimizing compaction.

A centrifugal pump works to accurately deliver the prescribed rate of fertilizer at all speeds while the operator uses Case IH Advanced Farming System (AFS) Pro 700 to manage system pressure and flow feedback. Row-by-row overlap control can be added to ensure precise application and reduce product waste or overapplication.

The optional kit installed at the factory includes all toolbar and row unit distribution to the furrow, and a three-section control system or the optional row-by-row shut-offs that can be controlled from the tractor cab.

Precision Planting Technology Options

A number of Precision Planting products have been integrated in the new planter and are available straight from the factory.

“This planter brings the proven benefits of Precision Planting technology and the design of the 2000 series Early Riser planters and opens it up to specialty crop types,” McClelland says. “These customizable features aren’t just for the major crops. Now growers of many crop types and farming practices have access to the 2000 series to customize their dream planter.”

DeltaForce technology controls down force to provide the most accurate seed depth across a variety of soil conditions and planting speeds. This feature also allows the operator to lift row units in soft soils.

A floating residue management system can be managed from inside the cab to adapt to changing soil and residue conditions. “CleanSweep air cylinders offer flexibility and enhanced performance to clear residue and improve emergence,” claims product literature from the company.

The vSet 2 seed meter paired with vDrive electric drive from Precision Planting allows precise per-row seed metering. This means farmers can adapt seed spacing going around curves and control overlap. “A simple design provides tool-free crop changes and reduces mechanical drive components,” explains the Case IH literature. This system is designed to handle many crops including cotton, corn, edible beans, soybeans, peanuts, and sugar beets.

Finally, the SpeedTube technology from Precision Planting eliminates the drop and tumble variability of traditional gravity drop tubes. Instead, a flighted belt helps control the delivery of each seed from the meter to the furrow. This supports planting at higher speeds.

Stack-Fold Design

To move in and out of fields, the 2130 Early Riser stacks. The 12-row 30-in spacing model shrinks to a transport size of 20 feet 6 inches wide and just over 11 feet tall. The 12-row with either 36- or 38-inch spacing is 22 feet 5 inches wide and 13 feet 2 inches tall when in transport mode. Both the 12 row 40-in spacing and 16 row with 30-in spacing transport at 26 feet 8 inches in width and 13 feet 10 inches in height.

In addition to making the planter easier to transport, the stack-fold design brings row units close to the tractor allowing the operator to easily maneuver and plant as close as possible to an irrigation ditch or pipe. Along with that, the 3-point mounted set up eliminates draft so the planter follows the tractor, keeping it on guidance lines more precisely.

Price and Availability

To learn more about the new 2130 planter visit or contact your local Case IH dealer.

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