New Meter and Seed Tube from Kinze for 2021

A new high-speed meter and seed tube from Kinze Manufacturing is expected to hit the market for the 2021 planting season. The new planter technology is designed to accurately place seeds at up to 12 mph.

Kinze developed the high-speed planting technology with support from Ag Leader Technology, and each company will market and distribute the products through its own dealer networks. Kinze will call the system True Speed; Ag Leader will be using the name SureSpeed.

“I’m very proud of this simple, exceptionally accurate Kinze high-speed planting solution. As a farmer myself, I know this product will provide our customers with more flexibility and productivity during planting season,” says president Susanne Veatch.

Fast and Accurate

The new electric meter and delivery tube was engineered to plant between 3 mph and 12 mph without compromising singulation accuracy or spacing. The new Kinze meter eliminates the need for singulator adjustments, so farmers can quickly switch seed type. The company claims this new system was designed to handle a variety of corn and soybean seed shapes and sizes.

Compatible with other Kinze Technology

True Speed can be paired with the company’s downforce technology, True Depth, for instant row-unit response to various field conditions and continuous ground contact.

The new True Speed system is controlled by the Kinze Blue Vantage display. In addition to displaying relevant information, Blue Vantage features a comprehensive diagnostics screen, mapping, and graphs. The display was designed to be simple. Kinze claims farmers can go from turning on the monitor to planting in just three clicks.

Learn More

TrueSpeed will be on display at the Kinze 2020 National Farm Machinery Show exhibit February 12-15 in Louisville, Kentucky. More information is available at

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