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Two New Models of Seed Tenders Now Available from Unverferth

Unverferth has upgraded their Seed Pro bulk box seed tender line to be faster and unload more gently. The new 410 and 210 Seed Pro bulk box carriers feature 4-box and 2-box capacities, respectively. These will replace the older 400 and 200 Seed Pro models.

A new patented belt design that features offset rows of integrally molded cupped cleats works to transfer seed faster and more gently. The 5-ply rubber belt is designed for durability. A 6-inch x 8-foot-long conveyor with an 8-inch belt allows both models to fill at up to 16 bushels per minute.

“One thing that sets apart is we have hydraulic height control on our conveyor,” explains product manager Shawn Gerdeman.

By adding an 8-inch x 18-foot conveyor and 12-inch belt to the 410 model to increase unloading speeds to 35 bushels per minute.

The 410XL model features an 8-inch x 21-foot conveyor to maximize reach and unloading speed.

A 390cc Honda electric-start engine powers the conveyor. Controls are located on the operating side of the unit. Farmers can adjust conveyor speed independently of the engine RPM using an electronic control module in the control box.

“When you turn the conveyor on it is a smooth start, which means when you engage the conveyor it starts slowly then gradually speeds up. That is friendly for belt life and friendly for seed handling,” Gerdeman says.

“Two downspouts are included for easily switching between filling planter boxes and central-fill planters – a 4 foot flexible and a two-stage. An optional three-stage downspout is also available for added unloading reach,” a company press statement explains.

Other Features

For safer road travel the seed tender is equipped with standard all-wheel electric brakes, highway-rated tires, transport chains, reflective striping, and LED lights, including clearance lights.

All models are available with a bumper hitch. The 210 model can be pulled by a standard ½ ton truck. The 410 model can also be ordered with a gooseneck hitch and should be pulled by a ¾ ton truck or larger.

A traditional scale can be added to both models. A two-function wireless remote control can be added to the 210. For the 410 famers can choose to add a three or six function wireless remote. An upgraded scale package that includes the auto-unloading abilities is also available for the 410 model.

More options like a spare wheel and tire set, hydraulic jack, and an LED working light kit can also be added to the both models of seed tender.

Price and Availability

The 210 model starts at $21,400. All models are manufactured in Delphos, Ohio. Orders are being accepted now for fall 2018 delivery.

Like all Unverferth products, the 210 and 410 bulk box Seed Pro tenders come with a complete one-year warranty.

To learn more about the newest seed tenders from Unverferth, talk to your local dealer or visit

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