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Ag Leader Introduces a Crop Sensor Rate Table for the OptRx™ Crop Sensors

you ever think you would see a day when a plant tells a grower what it needs?
Well, it’s here with Ag Leader’s announcement of the Crop Sensor Rate Table.

This functionality offered through the DirectCommand™ system on
the INTEGRA™ display allows producers to utilize the OptRx™ crop sensors to
apply the agrochemicals they need on-the-go at the rates necessary for optimum

Many agrochemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, defoliants,
growth regulators and others, can be more effectively applied if the rates are
varied according to crop health.

OptRx crop sensors work by shining light on the crop canopy and
reading the light reflected back to determine the crop health, also known as
Vegetative Index. Working with agronomists or crop consultants, farmers can use
OptRx to improve the application of any agrochemical to any crop that needs a
variable rate.

The new Crop Sensor Rate Table allows growers to choose a
Vegetative Index range and assign the recommended rates based on those ranges.

Growers with the INTEGRA display can take advantage of the Crop
Sensor Rate Table by updating their firmware to version 3.3.

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