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Ag Leader unveils new product to dealers

As Ag Leader dealers – both nationally and internationally – gathered this week in Des Moines, Iowa, the message from owner Al Myers was clear. . . Together we are Ag Leader – innovative, local, authentic, trusted.

It’s those four pillars that are the foundation of a company Myers began two decades ago. Yet, he doesn’t claim to be the sole reason for the success of the company. Instead, he gives credit to not only those inside the walls of the Ames, Iowa, company, but to the men and women on the front lines who deal with customers on a daily basis.

“End users depend on Ag Leader and its dealers to provide quality products,” he says. “Ag Leader dealers and end users depend on each other for success. Our dealers are a critical link between Ag Leader and its customers.”

It’s that link between quality and success that will continue to push this company to new levels of performance as it looks to the future.

“There is a lot of competition in the precision agriculture business today,” notes Myers. “But together we can be the best. Ag Leader continues to steadily grow.  We continue to grow our engineering staff.”

And growing that engineering staff is paramount to continually developing new products. Some recent releases include GeoSteer, a hydraulic down force actuator, and OptRx.

“GeoSteer has great promise for Ag Leader,” says Myers. “Planter down force control is also another product that is showing promise.”

Even though the progress of OptRx has been slow, Myers believes strongly in its potential.

“I still believe OptRx is the wave of the future,” he says. “We need to continue to look for growth to expand this area.”

In an effort to grow their portfolio, Ag Leader unveiled a new GPS 2500 base station, which will be available in the first quarter of 2013.

“It will be labeled GPS2500B and include an all-in-one smart antenna and 900 MHz radio,” says Ag Leader’s Jeff Bentley.

Features on the base station include compatibility with GPS 2500 (An RTK unlock is required as well as a radio.), GLONASS capability, and a nine-pin data port for output.

The kit will include a hard case, tripod, power cable with alligator clips and an instruction manual. A price has not yet been set for this product but should be available by year end.

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