Gadget Gift Guide

  • Gadget Guide

    Laurie Bedord has been busy shopping for the best tech gadgets, including items for the farm, home, and accessories for your devices. Take a look through her Christmas list to get ideas for your family.

    Photos by David Ekstrom.

  • STM Dux iPad Case

    STM Dux iPad Case
    This iPad case combines heavy-duty protection with practical functionality. It features a durable, polycarbonate shell; rubberized edges; water-resistant cover; and a magnetic closure. The protective cover also doubles as an on/off switch for the iPad. The case comes with a limited lifetime guarantee and is available in three colors for $99.

  • Bluelounge Sanctuary4 Docking Station

    Bluelounge Sanctuary4 Docking Station
    This is a great gift idea for the people in your life that have multiple devices and want an easy way to keep them charged. The station includes four USB ports, four amps of power, and a built-in angle adjustable stand. Simply plug in the cable that came with your device and charge your smart phones or tablets. Available in black or white for $100.

  • Innoquest SpotOn Temp Probe

    Innoquest SpotOn Temp Probe
    This temperature probe provides accurate, quick temperature measurements of hay bales; compost, forage, and mulch piles; stored grain; and soil. Features include a 34-inch fiberglass shaft that can’t be permanently bent, small stainless steel tip for a fast response, digital monitor that is easy to read, and a one-year warranty. Available for $195.

  • General Tool PalmScope

    General Tool PalmScope
    The PalmScope allows you to easily inspect inaccessible or hazardous areas to diagnose hidden problems. This pocket-sized video inspection scope has a 2-foot-long probe tipped off with a 9-millimeter camera. The camera offers a depth of field from 1 inch to 10 feet with a 60° field of view. There are four LED lights on the camera and a 2.7-inch color screen. The scope is available for $150.

  • iGrill2

    Monitor meat temperatures from the warmth of your home with the iGrill2. The Bluetooth Smart connected grilling thermometer allows you to monitor up to four meat temperatures from your phone. The thermometer has a pre-set temperature alarm, illuminated display, magnetic mounting, and up to 200 hours of battery life. The iGrill2 comes with two high-temperature probes for $100.

  • Nano QX RTF

    Nano QX RTF
    Are you interested in an unmanned aerial system but have never flown a quadcopter before? The Nano QX RTF from Horizon Hobby helps you learn how to fly by using Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE) technology. If you get in trouble, just let go of the sticks and SAFE will bring the copter back to a hover. Once you master the basics, you can switch from stability to agility mode. This model is available for $100.

  • 1 Voice Beanie

    1 Voice Beanie
    This comfortable beanie has headphones sewn right over the ears so you can keep your head warm while listening to your favorite tunes. The Bluetooth controller attached to the back lets you connect wirelessly to your phone or audio device. You can also answer phone calls with the beanie. The 1 Voice Beanie can be yours for $59.

  • Whooz

    These removable vinyl labels are designed to cover your iDevice power adapters and USB cables. The fun designs make it easy to tell which one is yours. A great stocking stuffer for only $12.95.

  • iStabilizer Flex

    iStabilizer Flex
    iStabilizer Flex is basically a tripod for your smartphone. Flexible legs let you attach your device to almost any surface, allowing you to capture incredible images and videos without the shakes associated with hand-held photography. The standard mount works with devices that are 2.75 inches or less and is available for $30. For an added $20, you can get the Mount XL for devices up to 3.5 inches wide.

  • More shopping ideas!

    More shopping ideas!
    Get more great Christmas gift tips from the Christmas Show Special on the Machinery Show. And check out the November issue of Successful Farming magazine for Dave Mowitz’s tool gift guide.

The perfect Christmas gifts for the techie in your family.

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