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Gadgets and Gizmos

are some cool precision agriculture tools and other techy gizmos that Phil
Rasmussen, director of the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and
Education (SARE) Center in Logan, Utah discussed during the InfoAg 2011
Conference earlier this month in Springfield, Illinois.

* Ever try
writing down field observations on soggy, coffee- or water-stained paper
because it was the only thing in your pickup’s glove box?
Rite in the Rain
has a kit featuring all-weather writing paper and an all-weather pen to ease
this frustration. For more information, go to

* Ever been doing fieldwork and the battery
in your cell phone, iPad, or laptop computer dies? “
Battery power is a major
limitation,” says Rasmussen. This can be eased by using non-rechargeable
lithium batteries.Batteries are
good, but non-rechargeable lithium matrix batteries are great,” says Rasmussen.

are lighter, have 8 times the hour capacity of alkaline batteries, and have a
shelf life of 20 years compared to four years for alkaline batteries, he adds.

* Looking for a rugged
mobile computer that stands up to the toughest conditions?

the Juniper systems,” says Rasmussen. “They are expensive, but tough. They are
absolutely the toughest computers for field use.”

company bills its TK 6000 as the world’s most rugged handheld computer. (For a
video demonstration, go to
and hit the video under the TK 6000 portion on the right side of your screen. 

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