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Finding a display that will provide you with year-round control of your operation as well as integrated guidance and steering just got a little easier, thanks to Ag Leader Technology.

“The VERSA display was designed to be flexible enough to meet the unique needs of different operations,” says Matt Leinen, product manager. “Its ability to perform guidance and automated steering control makes it a smart investment for those looking for the versatility of a full-featured precision/guidance system. It's also a great investment for experienced precision farming operators who need displays for additional vehicles or who just want an easy-to-use input cost-saving solution.”

The display, which retails for $2,195, is a full-color, 8.4-inch touch screen that features compatibility with ISO 11783 virtual terminal standard, built-in manual guidance, full-screen mapping, planter and application control, yield monitoring, real-time data logging, and automated steering, as well as four video camera inputs.

“As part of the full-screen mapping package, the VERSA display provides multiple map views, allowing you to determine the level of detail needed to monitor applications,” says Leinen. “Implement-specific tabs can be minimized to view more mapping information, if desired.”

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Leica mojoxact

Accuracy and ease of use are the two main components the Leica mojoXact was designed around. This RTK upgrade option lets you install mojoXact in any orientation inside the tractor cab; integration to Leica's mojo3D and configuration is complete in a few minutes.

This product includes GNSS and inertial positioning technology for continuous precision. It also offers steering solutions like Leica SteerDirect CAN, Steer Ready Kit (SRK), and Hydraulic to further improve accuracy.

“Leica mojoXact enables farmers to utilize the additional availability provided by GLONASS (the Global Navigation Satellite System) at no additional cost, and it provides peace of mind that the system will be able to use future GNSS constellations,” says Peter Roberts, research and development manager.

Leica Steerdirect

New members have been added to the SteerDirect hydraulic solution family. Hydraulic hose kits for the Claas Arion and Axion as well as the Miller Condor are available. A supplementary hydraulic kit for the Claas Axion is also a newcomer. Steer Ready Kits now support all AutoTrac Ready front-wheel assist John Deere tractors with a wheel-angle sensor.

The mojo3D guidance display has gotten a facelift to improve the look and feel of the menu and to increase usability. With the upgrades, you can now save and recall vehicle setups (vehicles, implements, and sections) and replay any saved guidance pattern. If you incorporate the display with the mojoXact and a hydraulic kit, you will be able to engage the stationary and reverse auto steer for select vehicle configurations. Network DGPS is also available.

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