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How It Works: OmniRow Multi-Hybrid and Variable Rate Planting

Having uniform soil conditions and elevation in a field would be great, and even more ideal if all seed varieties were disease resistant. It would require less chemical applicants, simplify seed choice, and make for greater yields. That however, is not the case in most fields. Elevation and soil type can vary greatly within a field so growers must adjust their planting strategy accordingly to achieve maximum yields. Uneven spacing and population within a field also cuts down on yield numbers, but Raven’s new OmniRow system with patent pending Multi-Hybrid Variable Rate planting capabilities helps to address these issues to minimize input waste, take full advantage of advanced seed specialization, and ultimately maximize yields.

OmniRow is an integrated planting solution. Regardless of whether you run a conventional, interplant, or twin row planter, OmniRow can be retrofit and customized for your existing iron. Paired with a field computer from our Envizio™ line and Slingshot® RTK, the advanced planting options available to producers are unparalleled. In addition to variable rate population control of the OmniRow system, Multi-Hybrid functionality is now available. Multi-Hybrid planting allows you to switch between different seed hybrids on the fly, and place each seed in the right regions according to conditions in your field. Greater planting accuracy requires more sophisticated equipment, and our integrated platform communicates seamlessly with all the systems on your tractor to help increase yields.

How it works
OmniRow is capable of being retrofitted to existing iron. To get the most out of existing planters, robust hydraulic motors capable of controlling individual, or multiple rows are installed that allows for automatic row and section shutoff. OmniRow controls both liquid and granular applicants, ensuring the precise amount of applicant and seed makes it into the soil. When paired with automatic steering control and patent pending turn compensation, OmniRow becomes even more efficient and precise by using RTK correction to deliver sub-inch accuracy when planting. The added benefits of Slingshots data transfer functionality make record keeping a seamless process by eliminating a manual USB transfer of data. Instead, Growers can download as-planted maps as soon as they return to the office. Because the Envizio file structure is compatible with most industry software, growers can keep their existing data management software. Diagnostic testing is improved by a remote system that allows one person to test individual rows for full functionality.

Singulation and Monitoring
Singulation and seed monitoring are essential to ensuring maximum yields. Our seed sensor monitors spacing and uses infrared technology to track the precise amount of seed entering the ground. It displays information on skips and double plants, as well as population, in real time on our integrated Envizio field computer.

Multi-Hybrid Variable Rate Application
OmniRow Multi-Hybrid Variable Rate planting allows growers to account for differences in soil type and elevation, and therefore get the most out of every acre by putting the right seed in the right place. Switching between hybrids on the fly means crop varieties are placed in the most appropriate sections of a field. The switch between hybrids happens within a minimal space. Corrections can be made manually or automatically per prescription map so row integrity is maintained, regardless of planter type. In addition to having the ability to switch hybrids on the fly, turn compensation ensures that population and spacing is maintained throughout turns to reduce the waste caused by skips and double planting, again minimizing waste and maximizing yield potential in every row of every field.

Fluid and Granular Application
Because OmniRow is an integrated solution, it allows for both liquid and granular products to be applied together. Having the right fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides imbedded with the seed at planting makes for higher yields. When switching between hybrids, liquid applicants also switch to ensure even distribution to both hybrids.

Raven products are colorblind, so they compatible with the most popular brands in the industry. Regardless of a grower’s planting equipment, there is a configuration that will allow him to fully realize the benefits of OmniRow’s Multi-Hybrid Variable Rate application. The ability to retrofit OmniRow onto existing equipment saves producers from the investment of new planters and allows existing iron to become more efficient.

The ability to control population, seed spacing, row and section shutoff, and liquid applicants are all available to producers in an integrated platform in an effort to improve planting resolution in the field, and thus maximize land usage.
Raven has already received feedback on the new system, and those in the industry are excited by the possibilities Multi-Hybrid planting offers.
“Bold move to be first to market here.”
“This is an exciting trend in the new planter world”
“I liked the concept, and have been thinking about this for a while. Integrating the steering maneuver with the hybrid change really simplifies the idea, it has great merit”
Because soil is so different within a field, it makes sense to use hybrids to meet the needs of different areas within the same field. Seed hybrids are ever evolving, but the right equipment to put that sophisticated seed to work is essential. Having sophisticated seed varieties is of little value if producers cannot place them in the right areas to achieve maximum yields. Multi-Hybrid Variable Rate planting is the future of planting, and Raven’s OmniRow system will be available for the 2014 planting season.

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