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INTEGRA™ and SMS™ Software Make Variety Map Integration Easy

Did you know that you can load
planting variety maps recorded on other displays on to Ag Leader's INTEGRA display? Ag
Leader’s SMS Basic or SMS Advanced desktop software helps achieve this process
by facilitating variety map integration from an array of collection devices.
This new feature allows more growers to see variety maps on the INTEGRA display
while harvesting, seeing hybrid/variety yield results in real time.

While using yield monitors to compare varieties at harvest
has always been a popular feature with Ag Leader displays, growers previously
had to use the same display that planted the field to see the variety map in
real time at harvest. However, with this latest feature introduction, growers
can import a planting map from a wide variety of collection devices, and use
SMS to create a reference file that can then be loaded into the INTEGRA display
to show the variety map at harvest. 

"User Friendly"

This capability was introduced just before the 2010 harvest
season in the Midwest, and Mark Johnson of Clear Lake, IA, took advantage of
this new capability to analyze data as he harvested his fields. Johnson and his
son, Jeremy, run a corn and soybean operation, and along with Ag Leader
equipment, they are also using other brands of displays when planting. Ag
Leader’s INTEGRA display makes it easy to see those planting maps from other
devices at harvest.

“When planting, we’ll switch hybrids halfway through the field.
It’s nice when you go to the field to harvest and it tells you when you’re
switching to the next hybrid,” says Johnson. “It’s good to compare yields, but
most of this is done after the fact. It’s nice to see the planting maps while
you’re in the field; it gives you good comparisons so you can immediately grasp
what’s going on in the field. The INTEGRA display allows us to do this.”

SMS Software facilitates this process by importing the
compatible data file, and exporting it as a reference file that can then be
loaded onto the INTEGRA display.  For
Johnson, his dealer, Premier Technologies of Clear Lake, offers this as a
service, downloading his planting maps and creating the reference files for

The variety map integration is meant to make the process
easy for growers, and Johnson says it does just that. “If there are two words
to describe it, they would be user friendly,” says Johnson. “I don’t get
frustrated by the process; it’s just easy to run.”

Ag Leader is excited to help growers get even more out of
the precision ag equipment and data by making this variety map integration

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