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    Trimble recently unveiled a number of new tools to add to your precision ag tool box. Click through the slide show to learn more about these devices.

  • DCM-300 Modem

    Get rid of all of the clutter in the cab by incorporating Trimble’s new DCM-300 Modem. This multi-use modem lets users access Trimble’s VRS Now Ag Real-Time Kinematic correction service and to enable Connected Farm wireless field data transfer. This modem is also compatible with the new Farm Works Dispatch asset tracking software.

    The DCM-300 is available in two models and each will be priced under $3,000. It is also available with a single data plan subscription.

  • Dispatch software

    Farm Works Dispatch software, a component of Trimble’s Connected Farm solution, uses wireless communications delivered through the new DCM-300 modem and GPS to manage your machinery fleet’s movement and functionality.

    Through email alerts and on-screen maps farmers can track the location of a variety of pieces of equipment, including sprayers, spreaders, and harvesters. Watch an interview with Ian Harley of Trimble.

  • Dispatch software continued

    In addition, notifications will be sent if machines are stolen or moved into unauthorized areas.

    Used in conjunction with Trimble’s Sync wireless data management, this software also allows the transfer of A-B lines, yield and application maps, work orders and other maps between vehicles and back to the farm office.

    The Dispatch asset tracking software is expected to be available in March 2011.

  • Field-IQ

    Trimble’s Field-IQ crop input control system now has the ability to monitor seed delivery, fertilizer blockage, and manage application of up to six variable rate products. The system is compatible with a wide variety of crop and application equipment.

    Look for the new seeding and multi-rate capabilities for the Field-IQ system around March 2011.

  • CFX-750

    The Field-IQ system pairs nicely with the guidance capabilities of Trimble’s FmX integrated display or CFX-750 touch screen display (pictured). Contact your local Trimble dealer at for more information to learn more about any of these products.

Get connected with the latest precision ag tools from Trimble.

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