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360 Yield Center Works to Transform Nitrogen Management

In 1993, a determined row-crop and dairy farmer from Tremont, Illinois, decided to open a business focused on increasing the accuracy of planters. Over the next 20 years, that business introduced planter components and monitors that revolutionized the planting industry.

The successful farmer-turned-entrepreneur was Gregg Sauder. The business was Precision Planting.

After Monsanto purchased Precision Planting, Sauder decided to step down. “I’m proud to say we’ve got planters to a really good spot – where the planter can be the least problem when it comes to yield drain,” says Sauder. “When I stepped outside of Precision Planting, I was excited about being able to focus on other areas.”

With his new company, 360 Yield Center, Sauder is focusing on another portion of ag production where he thinks there is room for growth – nitrogen management.

“The million dollar question we work on every day is, ‘how much nitrogen do we need to apply?’” says Sauder.

True to form, when Sauder launched 360 Yield Center last year, he introduced several products that have the potential to transform nitrogen management. This year, the 360 team refined its current offering and is working on several new innovations. In the links below you can read articles and watch videos about the new products – CROSS CUT, YIELD PATROL, and YIELD SAVER – as well as improvements to 360’s first innovations.




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