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Precise tools

Over the past decade, the tools that precision ag technology manufacturers have introduced to farmers have transformed the way crops are put in and taken out of the ground.

As the evolution continues, companies are upgrading and enhancing previously introduced products and adding new ones to continually raise the bar on productivity in agriculture.

Topcon system 350 with X30

New hardware and interface are what you can expect if you invest in Topcon's latest innovation – the System 350, which features the all-in-one X30 control console.

“With all-new hardware and a revolutionary new interface, Topcon's System 350 truly sets the industry standard for performance in virtually every conceivable area of farming operations,” says Albert Zahalka, president, Topcon Precision Agriculture.

Some of those features Zahalka is referring to are a 12.1-inch multi-touch screen readable even in sunlight and a 1.6-GHz central processor. The new interface includes up to three mini-view windows, user definable dashboard view, an interactive keyboard, and detailed information displays.

The System's ISO virtual terminal interface allows you to directly configure to standard plug-and-play controllers from companies like AGCO, Case IH, John Deere, Dickey-john, Great Plains, and TeeJet.

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Hemisphere eturns


Hemisphere GPS is breaking new ground with the unveiling of eTurns – the ag industry's first aftermarket autoturn solution that is available for multiple brands of farm equipment.

Until now, you manually turned machinery around at the end of each row and aligned with the next row. With the eTurns feature (designed for Outback eDriveX), simply press a button and eDriveX will automatically make the turn and steer down the next row.

You have the option to operate with a fixed turn configuration or change it in real time for individual turns, which allows you to skip certain rows if necessary. You can view the projected turning path on the Outback S3 display, and once a turn is started, you can view the actual path as well. After turning, eTurns improves line acquisition to ensure accurate row spacing from the start of each row. Learn more by watching eTurns in action at

Raven bridges the gap

Expanding on the Slingshot suite of wireless products and services, Slingshot API is designed to bridge the information gap between field activity and software already in place in the office.

“The Slingshot API allows software providers to offer an automation platform that is fully integrated in their software, enhancing the value of the offering,” says Paul Welbig of Raven. “Raven has built the tools necessary to learn the system, integrate, and be part of the future design of the platform. Software companies and other Slingshot API customers will receive access to previously inaccessible field operations and hardware.”

Contact Raven Industries at 800/243-5435 or visit them at

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