Precision technology at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show

  • Dawn MiFx

    The Dawn MiFX controller utilizes the existing gauge wheel load sensor included in the Deere Active Down Pressure kit, lowering cost and simplifying support. Farmers can add additional ground hardness sensors to any other rows they wish. It allows for sectional or single planter row unit control with CFX hydraulic system.

  • Dawn Biologic hybrid stalk roller & furrow opener

    The parallel linkage on every row allows the roller to conform to ground contour for more effective rolling and termination, as well as ability to flex over rocks. It can be used in a variety of cover crops or even corn and wheat straw. Click here to learn

  • Raven AccuFlow Vortex

    A first-of-its-kind anhydrous ammonia application system that has increased capacity within a single cooler, which maximizes applicator time and creates a smaller footprint on the toolbar.

  • Ag Leader DirectCommand

    The Direct Command offers compete control over liquid or granular applications, while at the same time logging data and providing real-time application mapping capabilities.

  • AgFiniti

    A new cloud-based system from Ag Leader, AgFiniti allows you to send and receive data files wirelessly from the cab. Files also can be accessed securing from your smartphone or tablet in the field or at the office and shared with trusted advisers.

  • AgCam

    A light-weight camera that's versatile and durable. AgCam is 100% waterproof and made from anodized solid aluminum housing with an auto-shading lens and auto-infrared night vision. The camera can be placed anywhere you can imagine.

  • Trimble Connected Farm

    The Connected Farm dashboard provides a single location for viewing key information impacting your operation. The dashboard offers customizable widgets, including information about commodity prices, weather, Doppler radar, and many other features.

  • AgriImage

    AgriImage provides unmanned aerial systems for all aspects of agriculture. The systems are economical for the consumer compared to other options. The drones are portable and no prior experience is required to operate. There is also a neat goggle option for a live-view flying image.

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