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SMS™ Basic/Advanced Version 11.0 and SMS™ Mobile Version 5.0 Released

Ag Leader recently released SMS Basic and Advanced Software
Version 11.0 and SMS Mobile Version 5.0. These new software updates offer many
enhancements and new features to help improve the operation and interface of
the software. 


One of the first things SMS users will notice is the new look,
coloring and location of various window tabs. There is a new style for the map
sub-windows that display the map summary, query results and picture notes. The
new, modern windows docking and hiding functionality helps improve the overall
usability of the screens.

Other important features and updates in Version 11 include:

Ability to dynamically download aerial and road maps as a
special background layer.

New “Quick Statistics” area in the layer control window.

New “Select by Legend Range” tool.

Step-by-step export guide to help you decide what path and
options you should use to get the correct export setup.

Enhanced support of shape files and added support for
exporting KML files (KML files are used in web-based mapping, specifically by
Google Earth and Google Maps).

Ability to backup individual, multiple or all projects at
the same time, giving each its own backup file in SMS Advanced.

Larger playback window for the Dataset playback feature in
SMS Advanced.

Version 11 also has enhanced support for Ag Leader’s
INTEGRA™, EDGE™ and InSight™ displays, and importing and exporting lines for
the AutoFarm A5 display.  In addition, greater support has been added for the latest Case IH AFS Pro 700, New Holland
IntelliView™ IV, Trimble® CFX-750™ and John Deere GreenStar™ 3 displays.


Version 5.0 for your SMS Mobile software will also offer
several new features and enhancements. Support for picture notes has been
added, allowing images to be set with Landmark and Layer notes. In addition,
support for logging data from Ag Leader’s OptRx™ crop sensors has also been
included in Version 5.0.

If you have unlocked your SMS Basic, SMS Advanced or SMS
Mobile PC software via the web, you can register and update by opening the
software, going to the Help menu, and clicking “Check for Updates.” To see a
video demonstrating the new features or the full release notes, or to download
Version 11.0 for your SMS Desktop Software or Version 5.0 for your SMS Mobile
software, visit  

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