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Custom precision solutions

Tools in the precision agriculture technology arena continue to push the envelope when it comes to helping you not only enhance your yields but also become even more efficient and productive. The latest innovations – from a collaboration between Ag Leader Technology, Inc. and Hardi International A/S, and a receiver solution from Hemisphere GPS – promise to deliver that and more.

HC 9500 controller

Greater performance, productivity, and profitability were the building blocks of the cooperative agreement between Ag Leader Technology, Inc. and Hardi International A/S as they brought the HC 9500 controller, a customized display for select Hardi ISOBUS sprayers, to market.

“This joint effort builds on the strengths of both companies and ultimately provides strong year-round precision farming solutions and cutting-edge functionality,” says John Howard, Ag Leader product manager.

The new controller is incorporated with Hardi's i-Features and provides precision guidance, data logging, application report generation, automated steering, and more. The HC 9500 also offers compatibility with the ISO 11783 (ISOBUS) Virtual Terminal Standard and the NORAC UC5 boom-height control system support.

To learn more, visit Ag Leader Technology at and Hardi International A/S at

Long-range rtk solution

With the introduction of the Outback Guidance long-range RTK Solution, you will now be able to cover larger areas at one time – up to 18 miles from base station to rover (machine) – without having to worry about moving your entire base station each time the machines are more than 6 miles from the base, which is the distance limit of typical radios in a GPS base station and rover setup. For larger farms, this means less time is spent moving equipment, which translates into less time in the field completing the same amount of work.

“We're always looking for new ways to enhance the productivity of our customers,” says Jeff Farrar, Hemisphere GPS director of marketing. “Adding long-range radio functionality to Outback A220 and A221 GNSS receivers further enhances the ability to get more done in less time, especially for large-scale operations.”

The 400 MHz long-range radios are available in the Outback A220 (shown left) and A221 receivers, both as new units and upgrades. The long-range RTK feature is also available in other Hemisphere GPS products.

For more information, visit Hemisphere GPS on the Web at

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