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  • SpotOn nozzle cleaner

    SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner and Tip Tool Combo Pack
    This combo pack from Innoquest combines two tools in one for fast cleaning and maintenance of nozzle bodies and spray tips. The Nozzle Cleaner clears plugged nozzles with a 50-psi air blast. The four-in-one tip tool features a brush, foldout plastic pick, spanner wrench, and utility hook for easy spray tip maintenance. Price: $45

  • AC/DC dual converter

    AC/DC Dual Converter
    This handy device takes two adapters and bundles them into one so it will work in the house or in your car. The converter works with most Apple and Android devices. Price: $20

  • Get cord-inated

    Get Cord-Inated
    This three-in-one, double-long USB cable keeps you connected to all of your devices. Simply use the connector tip – 30-pin, 8-pin, or Micro-USB – that’s right for your gadget. The cord not only lets you charge but doubles as a data connector when syncing from your device to your computer. The 6-foot cable is wrapped in a woven fabric so it doesn’t tangle. The cord works with most Apple and Android devices. Price: $20

  • Blackout buddy

    Blackout Buddy
    This emergency three LED light will light up automatically when there is a power failure. It also works as a flashlight and lasts about two hours. When you switch it to auto, it becomes a one LED nightlight. The flashlight takes about three hours to charge. Price: $14

  • Cord buddy

    Cord Buddy
    The cord buddy is the perfect tool to start organizing your charger cables. The cord channel has a large and small opening to hold your cables securely out of the way. The organizer is separated into two pieces and is magnetized so it snaps together around the cords. A light in front lets you find the charger in the dark. Works with cords that are 20 volts or less. Price: $20

  • Trimble UX5

    Trimble UX5
    Quickly locate problem areas on your farm with the Trimble UX5. This UAS can capture aerial images and generate topographic maps. Features include a 50-minute run time, 37-mile range, 50-mph cruising speed, and weight of 5.5 pounds. The kit includes the plane, ground control station, launcher, flight planning software, near-infrared camera, spare parts, and file post-processing software. Price: $51,000

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