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Technology takes the industry by storm at 2013 CES

When it comes to technology innovations, there was no shortage of companies thinking outside the box to offer consumers at the 2013 International CES.

One company that has really taken the industry by storm with its innovations is Samsung, which has taken the number one spot in the industry.

But Samsung better not let its technology guard down. With the largest consumer base in the world, supportive policies from its government and unremited efforts made by its companies, China is still the most vigorous market in the world. Its leading consumer electronic brands, like Foxconn, Huawei, Lenovo, Haier, TCL, Hisense and Great Wall, are intensifying their investments into industrial integration, technological convergence and innovation and involved themselves in more competition with much stronger global rivals. As they do this, they are not only growing stronger but beefing up their competitiveness.

That’s not to say Samsung is sitting still. They have some amazing technology on the horizon with a curved OLED display, 4K resolution technology, and a 22-inch transparent showcase. However, many others in the industry are exploring this technology as well.

When LED, HD and the like hit the market, many traded in their clunky, old televisions for slimmer, more technologically advanced versions to get the best picture possible. . . or any picture at all! AT CES, an 85 inch, yes 85-inch 8K TV was dubbed the television of the future. While most televisions have 2K right now, 4K is on the horizon with OLED next in line. To give you an idea of what an 85-inch 4K television would cost – about $25,000 give or take a few dollars. No worries though. . .one expert told me prices deflate about 40% each year on televisions. So if you’re in the market for an 85-inch 4K television, you may want to hold out for a year or two as the price drops!

An interesting point made at the show was the 3D television, which experts believe is a small market and won’t really take off.

And speaking of 3D, no technology report would be complete without commenting about MakerBot. This company has introduced the MakerBot Replicator 2, which is a desktop 3D printer. Priced at under $3,000 this machine has the ability to create professional-quality realistic products, like spare parts.

Automotive arena

The automotive industry will not be left behind in this arena. It’s no secret companies have cars that can drive themselves, which are being tested in states like California. But companies like Lexus are working with Toyota to make the car of the future safer. In fact, their goal is to eliminate fatalities caused by automobile accidents with their Intelligent Transport Systems.

Here’s to your health

With more than 200 new booths this year, health is the fastest growing section at CES in 2013. It’s no secret that a high percentage of our population is over weight. A variety of technologies, like FitBug and BodyMedia, can play an important role in helping people get and stay healthy.

Did you know the slower you eat the more weight you lose? Did you know you are supposed to take a bite of food every 3.5 minutes? Did you know it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain you’re full? Enter the HAPIfork. For around $100 this device vibrates when you’re eating too fast. The fork also collects information, such as the time it takes to finish a meal, the number of “fork servings” per minute, and fork serving intervals. After collecting this information, users upload their stats through USB or Bluetooth.

A new twist on a visit to the doctor’s office was unveiled with the HealthSpot Station. This station, which will be set up in pharmacies, lets you get personal doctor's office care without the office hassles.

Final thoughts

Since 76% of people are using another device, like a smart phone or tablet, while they’re watching television. . . and most of them are tweeting. . . the next hurdle for the technology world is how to connect all of your devices into one seamless, easy to use platform. There are several companies looking at this and a topic many were discussing at CES this week. It will interesting to see who will be the leader in this area and will likely take some collaboration between companies to make it happen.

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