Repair and Maintenance

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Tire Tips

Agricultural tires take a beating. Keeping up with regular inspections and making sure the tires are in good condition will help them last longer.


SF Engine Man: Ignition Demand

Ray Bohacz, the Successful Farming Engine Man, explains how to identify problems with the ignition coil in a gasoline engine.


Blue and White Engine Smoke

As gasoline engines age, they start getting – well – gassy. Learn why blue or white smoke blows out of the exhaust on startup.

6 Steps to Winterize Equipment

Winterizing equipment can save you time when you need it most during busy seasons and can reduce the expense of repairs, says Mark Hanna, Iowa State University Extension.


About Repair and Maintenance

Get repair and maintenance tips on engines, tires, planters, tillage equipment, and more from the SF Service Team. The SF Service Team includes SF Engine Man Ray Bohacz and Planter Doctor Kevin Kimberley.

Machinery Talk