Repair and Maintenance

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Farm Equipment Repair and Maintenance

On this page, you’ll find lessons for keeping engines, spark plugs, and batteries working well plus tips for winterizing equipment and restoring classic tractors. 
A farmer working in his shop during winter.

Let’s Talk About Fuel Injectors

The SF Engine Man, Ray Bohacz, discusses some tips on how to service a fuel injector and shows the different types that are in engines. 

Tire Maintenance For Spring

Don’t forget the tires when you go through spring checkups on the tractor. Here are some tips to make sure your tires are ready to carry the load.
Man riding on tractor with big back tire

About Repair and Maintenance

Get repair and maintenance tips on engines, tires, planters, tillage equipment, and more from the SF Service Team. The SF Service Team includes SF Engine Man Ray Bohacz and Planter Doctor Kevin Kimberley.

Tip of the Day

A Useful and Versatile Shop Stand

A roller stand I use this material stand almost daily. The base is a disk blade base. Three sizes of square tubing ( 1½, 1¼, and 1 inch) are all... read more

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