Great Tool Innovations for the Farm

  • Milwaukee 12 piece socket set

    This 12 piece Ratchet & Socket Set from Milwaukee, offered with either 3/8-inch standard or metric sockets, features a slim-profile ratchet with a pivoting head. In addition, the ratchet engages within a 5° swinging arc allowing for short strokes of the tool in tight spaces. Plus, the sockets feature Milwaukee’s proprietary design to reduce stripping and breaking. The set retails for $69.99 which includes a lifetime warranty. Go to

  • DeWalt reciprocating saw

    The new generation of 60-volt battery-powered tools from DeWalt includes a more powerful reciprocating saw that offers a 11/8-inch stroke for fast cutting. The Flexvolt battery on that saw offers for four-times the runtime and three-times more power in comparison to the old DeWalt 18-volt NiCad battery. Features on the saw include a variable-speed trigger with speeds up to 3,000 strokes-per-minute and an LED work like and lever-action blade clamp for tool-less blade changes. The reciprocating saw along (without battery or charger) retails for $179.00. Go to

  • Crescent Adjustable Locking wrench

    Crescent’s innovative locking adjustable wrench combines a traditional 10-inch adjustable wrench with a locking pliers device which provides increased adjustability to squeeze different shapes and sizes as well as already rounded off fastener heads. The anti-slip jaw on the wrench offers a maximum 15/16-inch opening. The wrench retails for $24.97. Go to

  • GearWrench locking pocket knife

    This 31/8-inch-long locking pocket knife from GearWrench is designed for use by mechanics featuring dual thumb studs and spring-assisted opening for easy use. The titanium coating on the stainless steel blade is three times harder than steel. Features include a reversible pocket clip and built-in lanyard ring. The knife retails for $29.66. Go to

  • Hitachi 41/2-inch angle grinder

    The use of a unique brushless motor on Hitachi’s 41/2-inch angle grinder allows the use of extra-long extension cords with reduced power loss as well as an ultra-slim body that provides for easy handling. The G12VE employs electronic controllers to compensate for reduced power loss due to voltage drop from the use of long power cords. The 12-amp motor works through a variable speed dials that provides speeds from 2,800 up to 10,000 rpm. Other features include a soft-start function and an electronic overload design that stops the motor when too much pressure is applied to the grinding disc. which includes a 1-year warranty. The G12VE retails for $189.67. Go to

  • Rockwell Random Orbital Sander

    The Vibrafree technology in use on Rockwell’s Random Orbital Sander employs two counter-acting pads that are constantly moving in opposite directions to reduce operating vibration which can lead to hand fatigue and injury. Plus this design achieves twice the removal rates than other sanders. Also, the sander features a bag-less, filter-less Cyclonic Dust/Air Separator system the separates dust trapping it in a dust box. As a result the sander captures up to 50% more dust than competitive sanders. A push-button release the dust box for easy emptying. The sander retails for $69.99. Go to

  • Milwaukee metal cutting circular saw

    This compact and lightweight metal cutting saw from Milwaukee operates at 3,900 rpm to power a 30T abide-tipped metal blade for cool, burr-free cuts in a wide range of small diameter metal. Offers a 21/4-inch cut capacity using a 57/8-inch blade the saw weighs just 61/2 pounds for less user fatigue. Features include an all metal gearing system, 5 amp hour battery and LED work light. The M19 FUEL circular saw retails for $399 which includes a 5-year warranty. Go to

  • GearWrench Locking Impact Extension

    The Locking Impact Extension from GearWrench, available in 3/8- or 1/2-inch drives, features a pull collar locking mechanism which holds socket in use. Offered in 18-, 24-, 31- and 33-inch-long models, the extension is made of impact grade chrome molybdenum alloy steel and have a a pin hole and O-ring groove so they can be used with a pin or O-ring retention system. The 31-inch-long 1/2-inch model retails for $65.69. Go to

  • DeWalt tape measure

    DeWalt’s XP 25-foot-long tape measure has the ability to “stick out” up to 13 feet without the measuring blade breaking. The Dual-Core technology in use in the tape measure utilizes two retracting springs in an impact-resistance case which can withstand being dropped on concrete from up to 60 feet. The 11/4-inch-wide blade is coated for long life and retails for $30. Go to

  • Crescent's miniature tongue-and-groove pliers

    This miniature tongue-and-groove pliers was specifically designed to handle small fasteners employing a precision-machined joint interlock to provide a positive grip. Measuring just 41/2-inch-long, the pliers is ideal for working in tight spaces and offers a slip-resistant handle coating. The tool retails for $12.04. Go to

  • WORX LED worksite light

    Generating 1,500 lumens, which is the equivalent of a 100-watt club, the WORX LED Worksite Light burns cool and provides sunlight-like light. Operating off a 20-volt battery, the light can run for 90 minutes between recharges and weighs just 51/2 pounds. Features include a 360° working angle, tempered glass and three-year warranty. The WX026L.9 kit, which includes a battery and charger, retails for $49.99. Go to

  • DeWalt Extended Performance cutting wheels

    The 0.045-inch Extended Performance cutting wheels from DeWalt contain ceramic grains that provide long life and speed when cutting offering a 24% increase in cutting speed. The high grain concentration on the wheels provide for smooth cutting, long life and a high material removal rate. The wheel retails for $6.24. Go to

  • MultiAg-Tool Precision Ag Tester

    Test GPS or radars, sensors, NMEA string, hopper level sensors, application rate sensors and monitors and simulate flow meters, using the MultiAg-Tool from Sensor-1. The base unit at the right works with a wide variety of adapters to fit Raven, Dickey-john, John Deere, 10- and 12-spade monitors and other devices. The MultiAg-Tool base unit, without adapters, retails for $540. Go to

  • Milwaukee tracking device

    The TICK tool and equipment tracker from Milwaukee Tool can be glued, screwed, riveted or strapped to any tool or vehicle identifying its location within 100 feet using a bluetooth device on a smart phone. Each TICK is also laser engraved with a serial number so users can easily identify and assign multiple TICKs.  Once attached and hidden from view, the TICK™ makes tracking tools and equipment as simple as pulling out your phone. A single TICK retails for $29. Go to

  • Trailer brake and light tester

    The Electric Brake Force Meter from Innovative Products of America is designed for use on 7-space equipped vehicle to simulate trailer load and display real-time, brake-controller output gain and application time. The device can quickly troubleshoot truck-side tow circuits such as turn signals and tail lights as well. The meter’s 25-foot-long cable allows for one-man, in-cab testing of trailers. It is designed to work on most every make and model of Ford, GM, Toyota, Dodge and Nissan vehicle. The Model 9107 retails for $149.95. Go to

  • DeWalt reciprocating saw blades

    DeWalt’s Flexvolt reciprocating saw blades are covered in a Toughcoat finish that helps reduce heat buildup and maintain sharpness through the life of the blade. To keep all cutting teeth engaged and to help prevent breakage, blades include a full height high speed steel strip. Go to

Great tool innovations featured in the Successful Farming show.